Month: June 2015

What to Expect Following a Bone Graft Procedure

The healing process described by an Ipswich implant dentist. Whilst most patients of the Foxhall Dental Practice will be able to have a dental implant placed without a bone graft; for a few, this will be necessary to ensure that

Straighter Teeth (Without the Social Embarrassment)

Invisalign braces

A look at modern, clear style dental braces now available at our Ipswich dental practice. Have you ever wished that your teeth were straighter than they are? If so, you are probably in the majority. Uneven teeth can make a

Taking Your Teeth for Granted

Teeth are not necessarily for ever! Our teeth are strange things really, if we think about it. They take up but a small part of the human body but cause major problems and discomfort when things go wrong. Because we