Month: October 2015

Are Dentures a Thing of the Past?

Do people still want this long standing option for replacing lost teeth? At the Foxhall Dental Practice in Ipswich, many of our older patients are denture wearers. Hopefully, with more advice and better dental care now available, the next generation

The ‘Problem’ with Amalgam?

amalgam alternatives

Why many of our Ipswich patients are turning away from traditional dental fillings. For many years now, teeth that have suffered from decay have been filled using a material known as amalgam. This material is actually made up of a

Four Ways that Playing Sport Can Hurt Your Oral Health

fast dental care

How to get the most from playing sports without harming your teeth and gums. We are constantly being encouraged to become more active as more and more of our life seems to be taken up with technology driven leisure time.