Year: 2016

Four Reasons For Sensitive Teeth

A look at some of the more common causes of this uncomfortable problem. Tooth sensitivity is not uncommon and may, or may not, be an early  indicator of a deeper problem. There are a number of possible causes of having

Closing A Gap Between The Front Teeth

Foxhall Dental Practice

A look at dental procedures which can rectify this ‘problem’. Some of you, reading the above title may be thinking ‘problem, what problem’? There is a school of thought that says a gap between the front teeth, also known as

Children And Dental Anxiety

How we help children avoid worries about their dental visits in Ipswich We have mentioned in previous blogs, the importance of taking your children to see the dentist from an early age.  This is so important that we feel that

Patient Question – How Strong Are Tooth Coloured Fillings?

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Our Ipswich dentist answers a patient’s concern about cosmetic dental fillings. Today’s query comes from a patient who is unhappy about his dark fillings being visible when he laughs, and wonders whether the tooth coloured fillings that we offer at

Good Habits Start Early

Big family

Visiting a dentist from an early age helps good ongoing oral health. We are often asked by expectant mothers and those who have just had children, when they should start to bring their child to our Ipswich dental practice. There

Dental Advice – Emergency Appointments in Ipswich

A patient is putting off dental treatment and asks about emergency appointments. Today’s question addresses an important point about the need for early treatment when a problem arises, and the real role of emergency appointments. Q. Hi .. I’ve had

Ask Our Ipswich Dentist – A Better Smile For Your Selfie!

teenagers with straight teeth

A self conscious teenager asks our Ipswich dentist about her crooked teeth. Whilst many teenagers have been recommended and diligently worn their dental braces to straighten crooked teeth, some have actively avoided them. This is usually down to the notion

Ask The Dentist – NHS or Private Dentistry?

A new patient to the Ipswich area wonders which route he should take. With more and more dental treatments becoming widely available, the NHS can struggle to keep up with demand, and many newer treatments are now only available privately.

Ask The Dentist – DIY Dentistry

Foxhall Dental Practice

Why dental treatment is best left to the professionals. Today’s question comes from an Ipswich patient who has taken it into their own hands to ‘restore’ a dental crown that became detached. We look at why such attempts will go

Ask Our Ipswich Dentist – Root Canal Treatment

root canal work

Act quickly – even if it means overcoming dental anxiety. Today’s question comes from a patient who appears to be hoping that his problem will go away, when what it really needs is urgent treatment. Q. Common sense tells me