Year: 2017

Dental Care For The Elderly

The later years of our lives can be much happier with healthy teeth and gums. Whilst there are certain benefits to growing old, such as having the time to pursue our hobbies and spend time with the grandchildren, it can

The Protective Effects Of Saliva

Flossing teeth

We probably don’t think about our saliva much, but it has a very important role to play. Did you know that our bodies can produce up to four pints of saliva each day of our lives, or the equivalent of

Why Men Are Increasingly Turning To Orthodontic Treatment

Invisalign braces

Recent years have seen a trend whereby more men are receiving cosmetic dentistry. For many years, cosmetic dentistry has largely been associated with women. Almost every advertisement will predominantly feature women, whether having their teeth whitened or having orthodontic treatment

Planning To Stop Smoking? Here’s How We Can Help

Our Ipswich dental team can restore your nicotine damaged teeth. It can’t have escaped your notice that Christmas is fast approaching and whilst we may not think too much about them until after Christmas is over, many of us will

Restoring Aesthetics And Function With Prosthodontics

Fixed or removable prosthodontic treatments at the Foxhall Dental Practice in Ipswich Whilst many patients will go through life requiring no more than the odd filling to keep their mouth healthy and functional, not everyone is as fortunate. Whilst some

NHS Dental Care – Treatment Bands

Foxhall Dental Practice

NHS dentistry is available at our Ipswich practice. At the Foxhall Dental Practice, we are pleased to offer dental care on the NHS for those who require it and where availability allows. Whilst the range of procedures is limited only

Smoother Skin Using Botox

We now offer facial aesthetics at our Ipswich dental practice, for younger looking skin. There comes a certain time in life when we notice that our skin has lost its once youthful appearance. Lines start to appear in places they

Allaying Concerns Over Dental Phobia

nervous dental patient

Our Ipswich dentists discuss why we sometimes fear our dental visits, and why we shouldn’t. It is likely that most of us feel at least a twinge of nerves when a dental appointment is imminent, especially if an invasive procedure

Are Poor Quality Teeth Inherited?

Gum disease check

How much control do we really have over the health of our teeth? Many of us will be aware that some diseases can be hereditary. Whilst we can take certain preventative actions to limit our risks, if they are in

Bone Loss In The Jaw Area

implant tooth replacement

Our Ipswich dental team explains the causes and potential consequences of bone loss. To the layman, a dentist is concerned with looking after teeth and our regular blogs may have also helped to explain the importance of good gum health