Month: July 2017

Bone Loss In The Jaw Area

implant tooth replacement

Our Ipswich dental team explains the causes and potential consequences of bone loss. To the layman, a dentist is concerned with looking after teeth and our regular blogs may have also helped to explain the importance of good gum health

One Hour Teeth Whitening In Ipswich

Putting the sparkle back into your smile in just one hour. The wish to have whiter teeth is now both attainable and very popular, as can be seen from the number of teeth whitening advertisements on TV. There are a

Pros And Cons Of Dentures

white smiles on older people

A look at why some people still prefer dentures to replace missing teeth. Dentures are one of the oldest dental restoration methods, and, indeed, evidence has been found that they were first used in a rudimentary form around the 7th