Year: 2017

One Hour Teeth Whitening In Ipswich

Putting the sparkle back into your smile in just one hour. The wish to have whiter teeth is now both attainable and very popular, as can be seen from the number of teeth whitening advertisements on TV. There are a

Pros And Cons Of Dentures

white smiles on older people

A look at why some people still prefer dentures to replace missing teeth. Dentures are one of the oldest dental restoration methods, and, indeed, evidence has been found that they were first used in a rudimentary form around the 7th

Mouth Cancer Detection And Prevention

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Keep your mouth healthy with regular visits to our Ipswich dental practice. Taking good care of our teeth and gums is important, but so is taking care of the rest of our mouth. Patients who attend the Foxhall Dental Practice

Potential Oral Health Issues With Dental Braces

Invisalign braces

Avoiding the problems associated with traditional braces. There is no doubt that having straighter teeth creates a better looking smile. It is therefore not surprising that orthodontics are a popular treatment amongst those looking at ways to improve their appearance.

Gum Disease And The Links To Serious Illness

Gum disease check

Possible links between gum disease and potentially life threatening illnesses. In today’s blog, we are taking a look at some of the serious illnesses that gum disease has been linked to from a number of studies that have taken place.

Dental ‘Gimmicks’ – Are They Worth It?

oral hygiene equipment

A brief look at some of the ‘dental accessories’ available. In most family bathrooms, you will find a toothbrush and toothpaste. In some though, you may well find a range of various accessories that people have bought in order to

Phasing Out Amalgam

White teeth and dental mirror

European parliament agrees to phase out the use of amalgam in dental fillings. You may have seen the news that the European Parliament has decided that the use of amalgam in dental fillings should be phased out (1) . This

Gum Health Care During Pregnancy

Gum disease check

Healthy gum advice for Ipswich mums to be. At the Foxhall Dental Practice in Ipswich, we believe that helping our patients to have healthy teeth and gums is a top priority. Whilst this applies to all of our patients, there

Root Canal Therapy – A Straightforward Explanation

Foxhall Dental Practice

Familiarising our Ipswich patients with this sometimes misunderstood treatment Nobody likes to lose a tooth and here at Foxhall Dental Practice in Ipswich, we firmly believe that it is always best practice to try and save a tooth, if it’s

High Success Rates For Dental Implants In Ipswich

implant tooth replacement

Skilled dentistry and good aftercare for strong and healthy replacement teeth. One of the reasons that patients opt to have dental implants to replace a missing tooth is because of their high success rate. Very few implant placements fail and