Month: January 2018

Got The Flu? Don’t Let Your Teeth Suffer

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A few simple tips to help keep your teeth healthy during illness. With the nasty flu strain that is doing the rounds thought to be reaching its peak, we obviously hope that our Ipswich patients have and will manage to

Aftercare Following Dental Treatment In Ipswich

Foxhall Dental Practice

The period following treatment is important for your recovery. Whether you have received dental treatment for a general issue such as a cavity, or for a cosmetic treatment such as veneers, it will have been necessary to ‘interfere’ with the

Quick Straight Teeth – Faster Tooth Braces in Ipswich

The speedy solution to a straighter smile for our local patients. Although many patients of the Foxhall Dental Practice take advantage of the popular Invisalign system to straighten their teeth, this is not the only method that we use at

A Single Day For A Brand New Smile!

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Not all dental treatments take a long period of time to improve your smile. One thing which may deter some patients from having treatment to improve the appearance of their teeth is the length of time some treatments take to