Month: June 2018

Avoid Hospital Dental Appointments For Your Children

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Good oral healthcare advice for younger patients. A recent report has stated that on average, children are having to wait for over 250 days for a hospital appointment to have their rotten teeth extracted. There are two points to this

The Easy, Safe Way To Whiter Teeth In Ipswich

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When done by a professional, your teeth can be whiter in just one hour. Teeth whitening is now quite a big business which can be seen by the number of  ‘teeth whitening’ toothpastes now available and which are growing at

Bone Health For Successful Dental Implants

Why the condition of your jawbone is important for implant placement. Nobody plans to have dental implants whilst they have a healthy and full set of teeth. But as we know, this may not last forever and tooth loss may

Concerned About Traditional Dental Fillings?

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The ‘amalgam question’ and answers from our Ipswich dental team. The use of amalgam in dental fillings has been around for a very long time now. It is a very strong material that offers a high degree of functionality and

What Do You Know About Mouth Cancer?

Foxhall Dental Practice

Awareness is growing about this potentially deadly form of cancer. Although not one of the more common cancers in the UK, mouth cancer is still diagnosed in around 18 people in the country every day. Over a year, this works