Ask Our Ipswich Dentist – A Better Smile For Your Selfie!

Ask Our Ipswich Dentist – A Better Smile For Your Selfie!

A self conscious teenager asks our Ipswich dentist about her crooked teeth.

Whilst many teenagers have been recommended and diligently worn their dental braces to straighten crooked teeth, some have actively avoided them.

This is usually down to the notion that all braces are ugly and uncomfortable as this question from an Ipswich patient below indicates. But all is not quite as bad as it may seem as we’ll explain later.

Q. Hi .. I’m 17 and I’m really self conscious about my smile. A few of my front teeth are crooked and, I think, gradually getting worse. I do obsess about them sometimes and I refuse to put selfies on social media like my friends do. I have also been teased a bit about them, which I know is meant as a joke by my friends but it’s not very nice. I know that having dental braces is the only way to correct them but I don’t like the idea of metal braces in my mouth. Any ideas to help me please?

Thanks for your question and it is understandable, particularly at your time of life, that you want to look the best that you can. Whilst traditional dental braces will work to straighten your teeth, it does usually mean a fairly long period of time wearing them and, as you say, they are very visible.

The good news for you is that there are now alternatives to old-style braces which are both comfortable and definitely more discreet. Many of these work in similar ways to traditional braces, whilst others, namely Invisalign, work quite differently. Which orthodontic system would be the most appropriate for you would be discussed following an initial examination and consultation at our Ipswich dental practice.

One type of orthodontic system we use at the Foxhall Dental Practice is based on traditional brace design, but uses much finer materials which are also tooth coloured. Although this does mean that you have wires and brackets on your teeth, they are much less visible than the “train track” versions. The alternative, if appropriate, is Invisalign. These are actually a series of transparent trays that fit directly over the teeth, with each being worn for a period of time before being replaced by the next, until the teeth are even.

These are very difficult to spot but also have the advantage of being easily removed when eating or cleaning, or even on special occasions, although it is important not to remove them too often otherwise the length of treatment time will increase. Although this method can take a little longer than traditional methods, many of our patients who have had crooked teeth have found it to be worth it for the additional convenience and discreet wearing.

I am sure that we can help you to straighten out those crooked teeth and help to boost your confidence, and also use a method that will cause the minimum of inconvenience and disruption to your life. It all starts with an initial consultation though, so I recommend calling Foxhall Dental in Ipswich on 01473 258396 to arrange a visit with one of our cosmetic dentists for an examination and discussion of the best way forward for you.