Allaying Concerns Over Dental Phobia

Allaying Concerns Over Dental Phobia

Our Ipswich dentists discuss why we sometimes fear our dental visits, and why we shouldn’t.

It is likely that most of us feel at least a twinge of nerves when a dental appointment is imminent, especially if an invasive procedure has been scheduled. Whilst some feel only minor concern, some patients can experience high levels of anxiety which even causes some to miss their appointment. As we have discussed in previous blogs, this is not a good strategy as any minor problems will only get worse if you delay having them attended to.

First of all; why do we get anxious at the dentist, where we don’t in other circumstances? There is some consensus that one of the reasons why we do feel anxious is that all dental procedures, and even check ups, take place in the head area where all of our major senses; sight, sound, taste and smell are located. It is unlikely that we would feel such anxiety for other medical procedures done elsewhere on our body.

Why fear?

Having acknowledged that dental fear does exist and is relatively common, let us take a look at a few reasons why you should not be afraid to visit our Ipswich dentists.

Professional and caring

Our dental team fully understand your anxiety and we are completely aware that visiting the dentist is not top of everyone’s list of fun things to do. We will do all that we can to help you to relax during your visit and make sure that your experience of the Foxhall Dental Practice is as comfortable as possible.

It is also worth remembering that all of our dentists are fully trained and very experienced. We have to undergo five years of training at dental school and any more advanced treatments, such as implant placement, require further additional years of training. This combination of training and experience, means that you are in safe hands.

Local anaesthetics

Very few patients actually experience pain during a procedure. Some slight discomfort might be felt and, for example when an extraction takes place, you may feel some pressure as the tooth is gradually loosened. Local anaesthetics are very powerful though and prevent you from feeling pain. In many cases, it is actually our anticipation of pain that we experience, rather than physical pain itself.

Staying on top

Unless you have experienced significant damage to a tooth, through an accident for example; providing that you have kept regular appointments at our Ipswich dental practice and have taken good care of your teeth and gums in between, any treatment that you might night should hopefully be relatively minor. If you do detect any problems in between your regular check ups, please do call us for an emergency dental appointment if necessary.

If you are worried about seeing a dentist and have not done so for some time due to your anxiety, why not call the Foxhall Dental Practice and have a chat with our caring dental team to see how we can help you? Please call us on 01473 258396.