Pros And Cons Of Dentures

Pros And Cons Of Dentures

A look at why some people still prefer dentures to replace missing teeth.

Dentures are one of the oldest dental restoration methods, and, indeed, evidence has been found that they were first used in a rudimentary form around the 7th century BC.

More recently, dentures have been produced that offer a very natural look and some even flex with the mouth for better comfort.

Although more modern tooth replacement methods such as dental implants are rapidly gaining ground in popularity, dentures still remain the choice of some people. In today’s blog, we look at why this might be.

Non invasive

A key appeal of dentures for many people is that they often do not require an invasive procedure as other teeth replacement methods do. All that may be required is for impressions to be taken of the teeth, and these are then used in the preparation of the dentures. We will check them to make sure that that are a good fit on their return from the manufacturing laboratory, and offer appropriate aftercare and cleaning advice so that you can get the best from your new dentures.

Many people are perfectly happy with their dentures whilst others sometimes find them a little uncomfortable, particularly as time progresses. There may be many reasons for this, including where the jawbone degrades and the fit of the denture is compromised. We are always happy to discuss dentures with our patients and these are also available for our Ipswich NHS dental patients under band 3 charges.


Whilst we appreciate the appeal of dentures for some patients, we feel that we would be failing in our duty as dentists if patients were not, at least, made aware of dental implants. These offer a much more secure, strong and long lasting solution than dentures. This method does require an invasive procedure, but this only has to be performed once. Once the dental implants have been placed and integrated with the bone, they should last for many years, often twenty or more.

Although implants do need to be kept clean, this is far easier to do than is the case with dentures. Implants simply need to be brushed, flossed and checked as you would with your natural teeth.

If you do need to have missing teeth replaced, we are happy to discuss these options with you and will not pressure you either way. Our priority is to have happy and healthy dental patients, and communication and trust is essential to achieve this.

To arrange an initial consultation to discuss your teeth replacement options, please call the Foxhall Dental Practice in Ipswich on 01473 852397 and talk to our receptionists who will arrange a convenient appointment time for you.