Useful Foods For Healthier Teeth

Useful Foods For Healthier Teeth

How eating and drinking certain foodstuffs, can help you have a healthier mouth.

It may seem as though dentists spend a lot of time telling you what you shouldn’t eat. Sugars that cause tooth decay, tea that stains teeth etc etc.

So, for a change, we thought that we would dedicate this blog to foods that not only don’t have a bad effect on your teeth and gums, but can positively help them too.

It shouldn’t need to be said, but it is important to remember that the use of these is not a replacement for good general care, including brushing, flossing and regular dentist and hygienist visits at our Ipswich dental practice.


“Water, Water Everywhere”, and in our case, quite a lot to drink. In the West, we are privileged to have easy access to clean and (relatively) free water. We should make the most of this, and using water to stay hydrated is very important, not only for our teeth and gums, but our general health also. Dehydration leads to a dry mouth, a perfect environment for harmful bacteria to breed. An increase in bad oral bacteria can eventually lead to diseased gums. Drinking enough water will help to prevent this, as well as washing away bacteria and small pieces of residual food.

Chewing gum

If you chew a piece of sugar free chewing gum after a meal, you will be benefiting your mouth in two key ways. Firstly, the act of chewing helps to improve saliva flow. As mentioned above, this both helps to remove debris and bacteria, as well as keeping the mouth moist. Secondly, the stickiness of the gum helps food and bacteria to stick to it. Whilst this should not replace the use of dental floss, it is a positive way to start the process of cleaning your teeth, especially if it is likely to be some time before you are able to clean them again. Remember, it MUST be sugar free gum.


Yes, cheese. It may surprise some patients of the Foxhall Dental Practice to know that cheese is actually quite good for your teeth. This is not really to do with any calcium that is found in it, but the fact that it helps to reduce the acidity in your mouth which can damage the enamel on your teeth. There is no need to eat a lot of it, particularly important if you are watching your fat intake. A small cube of cheese, eaten following a meal is a useful way to return the acid levels in your mouth to a healthy level. You will still need to clean your teeth as normal of course.

These are three very simple things that you can do to help keep your mouth healthy. Having strong and healthy teeth is possible for most people, but you do need to take care not to eat too much of the wrong foods, and, of course, commit to regular home cleaning and visits to our Ipswich practice for essential check ups.

If you need to see a dentist, either for a routine checkup or a more specific issue, please call the Foxhall Dental Practice on 01473 258396.