Dental Ideas For Christmas Gifts

Our Ipswich dentists suggest some tooth friendly Xmas presents

teenagers with straight teethWith the year we’ve all been having, it may have even escaped our attention that Christmas is not too far away. It is likely to be a very different Christmas to our usual one although much of that may well depend on how well the current restrictions work and how well they are adhered to.

One thing that is likely though is that we may not be able to shop in the same way as we usually do, due to the risk that this could greatly increase the number of Covid-19 cases and put us back to square one.

This means that many of us will be doing even more of our Christmas shopping online than we usually do, and because of this, it may be wise to start your shopping a little in advance.

In today’s blog, we thought that we would take a look at a few ideas for Christmas gifts that you can buy your friends and loved ones that are tooth friendly and can benefit your smile.

Electric toothbrush

We have mentioned before about how a worn toothbrush is ineffective at cleaning your teeth and removing bacteria and food particles. This can be a good time to change your toothbrush and maybe even switch to an electric one if you currently use a manual toothbrush. It is generally agreed that electric toothbrushes are more efficient and although they may feel a little unusual initially, few users switch back to a manual one once they have used them for a while.

Water pik

Whilst we firmly believe that dental floss is the best way to clean between your teeth, we also acknowledge that a lot of people will simply not carry this out. If you know someone like that, a water pik might be a suitable option. These ‘blast’ fine jets of water between the teeth, helping to remove food that has become trapped. We don’t believe that this is as effective as learning how to floss, but it is better than doing nothing at all. Whether you use floss or a water pik, you should also see our Ipswich dental hygienist every six months to have your teeth professionally cleaned with a scale and polish treatment.

Tooth fairy box

For the younger children, why not buy them a nice box in which they can put their baby teeth as they fall out? Kids can be fascinated by this and you might even, if you are very lucky, convince them to save them up so that the tooth fairy can buy them a nice present later on.

Cheese selection

When we are stuck for what to buy someone, we often opt for sweets or chocolates, both of which are bad for our teeth. As an alternative, why not consider a cheese selection? These are becoming more popular and as well as containing no sugar, cheese is great for neutralising acids in the mouth and helping to protect the teeth from enamel erosion.

Speciality teas

Drinking regular tea (and coffee) is a common cause of stained and discoloured teeth. There are though, a large variety of herbal teas on the market which don’t contain the tannin that is responsible for much of the staining. A selection pack of different teas might be a good little stocking filler for the tea lovers that you know.

Teeth whitening

We suspect that some people will receive various teeth whitening kits this Christmas, either bought from chemists or online. We would encourage our patients not to do this. Teeth whitening purchased in this way is likely to have limited results and in some cases could even be potentially harmful, especially if bought from an unreliable source. Having said that, helping your partner to have a great looking smile would make an excellent Christmas present.

Instead of buying an unreliable kit online, why not treat them to a teeth whitening procedure by one of our Ipswich cosmetic dentists? Our fast acting treatment is not only safe but is an excellent way of making a significant improvement to the whiteness of their teeth.  At the Foxhall Dental Practice we use a one hour system which can brighten your teeth by several shades in just a single visit to our dental clinic.

We also offer other cosmetic treatments should they be more appropriate. These include smile makeovers, orthodontics and even facial aesthetics for those wishing to have younger looking skin.

We hope that these ideas help a little when it comes to choosing Christmas presents. Please remember too that we are open and offer a Covid safe environment for your treatment. If you need an appointment, and especially in the case of an emergency, please call the Foxhall Dental Practice on 01473 258396 to speak to one of our receptionists.