Thinking about having dental treatment abroad?

Getting the perfect smile at a fraction of the price??

You’re thinking about having extensive, cosmetic dental treatment carried out and have already attended a few consultations to get an idea of the fees involved. And you’re shocked! Surely you can get the treatment you want at a more suitable price. Chances are you most probably can and in most cases this involves going abroad for treatment.

Think Carefully!

If this is something you are seriously considering then you must do your research and think everything through carefully.  Yes it may be cheaper and you get to combine your treatment with a little holiday but what happens if something goes wrong?

Many clinics have consulting rooms in London, so you think great, if they have offices in London then they must be reputable, with the right qualifications and experience. Not necessarily!

We always advise patient to:

  • Do your research!  Use the internet to find out about the dental practice you are considering treatment with.
  • Ask what qualifications the dentist has and which dental boards they are affiliated with.
  • Make a list of questions to take to your consultation appointment so you don’t forget anything.
  • Ask to speak to previous patients who have completed their treatment with them.
  • Find our about their after care and what would happen if you had a problem.

Its easy to see the temptation of having treatment abroad.  Go away to a hot country and come back with a beautiful smile to go with your tan, but what happens when you get home and you experience pain, or you develop an infection around the implant you have just have placed, or you fracture the Veneer that is now fitted on one of your front teeth?  Yes you could call the practice but ultimately you need to see the Dentist which means possibly jumping on a plane.  

UK Dentistry

Dentistry in the UK might be that little bit more expensive but in the long run not necessarily. You have so many benefits of staying in the UK for treatment; you know where the practice is and you know that you can be seen fairly quickly if there is an emergency.  Most practices now also offer finance for treatment helping you to pay off for treatment more easily.

Foxhall Dental is one of those practices.  We are very realistic and understand that not everyone has money to hand.  Our payment options are discussed during our free consultations with our Treatment Co-ordinator.  Why not book an appointment today, you are not obligated to book a dental appointment so you have nothing to lose!