Extracting Teeth – The Last Resort

Extracting Teeth – The Last Resort

Where practical, we always try to preserve the natural tooth.

In an ideal world, we would all manage to keep all of our teeth from birth to death, with no problems in between.

Of course, whilst this may be the situation for a fortunate few, for the majority of us, the reality is that dental treatment is often needed.

At the Foxhall Dental Practice, we will always do our best to use the skills and modern dental procedures at our disposal to try to ensure that you retain as many of your natural teeth wherever possible.

Check ups and hygienist

One of the best ways to keep our teeth healthy is, of course, to prevent the need for treatment in the first instance. In addition to a tooth friendly diet and good oral home care, regular checks at our Ipswich practice as well as regular dental hygienist appointments to help keep your mouth gum disease free, will certainly greatly improve your chances of avoiding treatment.

In the event of any decay, it is hoped that any treatment needed is minor. Small amounts of decay can be filled either with an amalgam filling, or, for those who wish to have a less noticeable option, tooth coloured fillings can be provided, which match the shade of your natural teeth.

Root canal

If a tooth develops an infection in the soft pulp area inside it, this can be very painful, especially if an abscess forms. Rather than remove the infected tooth however, it can usually be saved by performing a root canal procedure. This is not an especially painful procedure, despite the myths surrounding it and is an excellent way of preserving the tooth. Essentially, under a local anaesthetic, the top of the tooth is removed and the infected material removed and the tooth cleaned, before filling the now hollow tooth and attaching a dental crown to give it both strength and a more pleasing appearance.

Tooth extraction and replacement

The above are the two most likely scenarios to save a natural tooth, and, as stated earlier, we will always use these to help you to keep your natural teeth wherever we can. Occasionally though, the tooth may be so badly damaged or too little of it remaining to be able to do so. Should a tooth need extraction, patients of the Foxhall Dental Practice in Ipswich do have a range of options for replacing the missing tooth/teeth. Whilst dentures are perhaps the best known option, dental bridges can also be used, providing that there are natural teeth adjacent to the gap in order for the bridge to be attached to. Finally, dental implants offer an excellent method of replacing a missing tooth with a strong, secure and long lasting alternative.

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