Christmas Gift Options For A Healthier Mouth

Christmas Gift Options For A Healthier Mouth

Struggling for ideas of what to buy your friends and family this year? Why not do them a favour with tooth friendly gifts.

It’s that time of the year, and even if you haven’t put your own tree up yet, you can’t help but have noticed the lights and decorations around the town. For some, this is a cause for excitement but for others it’s more of a reminder that they need to start shopping for presents soon and not leave it until the last minute!

It can be hard coming up with original gift ideas and there is always that one friend or relative who is almost impossible to buy for. Hopefully, our blog today will help. Many ‘last minute’ gifts often come in the form of sweets, chocolates etc; things that we know to be bad for our teeth and gums. We asked our Ipswich dental team to come up with a few suggestions for tooth friendly Christmas gifts, and these were some of the most commonly suggested.

Electric toothbrush

Top of the list comes the electric toothbrush. These come in all shapes and forms but all do a similar job, by rotating the head of the toothbrush to help remove food and bacteria from the teeth and the gum line. They are especially useful for anyone who struggles to use a manual toothbrush. This might apply to people with disabilities and conditions such as arthritis. The brush does much of the work and there is less need to manually move the brush while brushing your teeth. Make sure to buy them some replacement heads too as these should be changed every three months in order for them to remain effective.

Water flossers

If you read our blogs you will know that we are big believers at the Foxhall Dental Practice in preventative dentistry. Some of this falls on the patient and one area where they often let themselves down is in not using floss to clean between the teeth. This simple act is a real help in the prevention of gum disease. Unfortunately, some people insist that they can’t get the hang of using tooth floss, a cheap and effective way of cleaning between the teeth. For those people, you might want to treat them to a water flosser which works by blasting fine jets of water between the teeth, removing food debris and bacteria as it does so.


If you are reaching for a box of chocolates as a gift, why not stop a minute and instead have a look at the various cheese selection boxes that are available? These are not only a popular gift, especially for cheese lovers, but are great for your teeth too. In fact, not only do they contain vitamins and minerals that are essential for healthy teeth, but also work to neutralise the acidity in your mouth if you eat cheese to finish up a meal. Whether you like a mild cheddar or a strong blue cheese, there is a wide choice to choose from.

Herbal tea gift set

There is nothing wrong with moderate consumption of tea and coffee, but they can both cause significant staining to the teeth. Increasingly, this is something that people try to avoid. Why not help them to do this by buying a herbal tea selection as an alternative gift for them to try? It can take a little time to find the right tea for you, and these gift sets are an excellent way of trying them out.

Teeth whitening

Whether your teeth have been stained by drinking too much tea and coffee, or whether they have started to lose their whiteness due to age, the good news is that this can be reversed. One of the most popular treatment gifts at the Foxhall Dental Practice is the affordable and effective teeth whitening treatment. Our one hour procedure is a great way of attaining a more attractive and younger looking smile in a safe and pain free manner. This non-invasive treatment will be carried out by our experienced dentists and we are sure that whoever you buy the gift for will be delighted with the results.

Anti-wrinkle treatment

Along with teeth whitening, a course of anti wrinkle treatment is a popular choice for many. You may need to discuss this with your loved one though as an unannounced gift of this could be taken the wrong way! Both men and women are increasingly using this treatment to have smoother and younger looking skin. This can be an excellent Christmas gift for someone who wishes to have nicer looking skin.

We hope that you found this blog useful and that it helps you find a few tooth friendly gifts this festive season. If you would like to discuss booking an appointment for a teeth whitening procedure or a facial aesthetic treatment (or any other treatment of course), you can call our Ipswich dental practice today on 01473 258396.