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Tired Of Your Ill Fitting Dentures? You Do Have Other Options….

Dentures are still popular, but people are starting to move to alternative ways of replacing lost teeth Even if you don’t wear dentures yourself, or even know of someone who does; you are most likely familiar with the problems of

Caring For Teeth Restored By Root Canal Treatment

Appropriate care after this tooth-saving procedure Hopefully, our readers won’t just see the words ‘root canal’ in the title of today’s blog and move on quickly to something else. Whilst there is little doubt that this particular procedure can invoke

Stress Awareness Month – Dental Concerns

How does stress affect our oral health and what can we do to minimise its impact? This April marks the 30 year milestone of Stress Awareness Month. This anniversary couldn’t have come at a more apt time, with more people

Restoring Ex Smokers Teeth

Stopping smoking is important for your health, but your teeth and gums may need some follow-up restorative work Stopping smoking is hard, especially if you have been a regular smoker for a number of years. There are many good reasons

Are You Giving Up Sugar For Lent?

It may be a religious festival but everyone can use this occasion to take a look at their diet Sugar is responsible for a lot of health problems in the UK and indeed, other parts of the world. Not only

Gum Disease – A Common Dental Problem

How to prevent gum disease and how we can treat it at our Ipswich dental clinic Some people may think that the health of their gums comes secondary to the health of their teeth and whilst this is understandable to

Beware Dental Implant ‘Special Offers’ – Are They All They Seem?

If you are tempted to travel for cheaper implants, you might want to think again…. Dental implants are becoming increasingly popular for replacing missing teeth, offering as they do, a long lasting and secure solution that both looks and feels

Invisalign Or Quick Straight Teeth?

Orthodontic solutions for different problems available at out Ipswich dental clinic One issue that we see at the Foxhall dental practice quite often is that of crooked teeth. This is quite a common problem and perhaps more so because there

Does Chewing Your Food Cause You Pain?

If putting pressure on your teeth causes significant discomfort, you may have a root canal infection Eating should be an enjoyable experience, but when the taste of your favourite food is spoiled by a severe pain when you bite down

Planning Your New Year Smile Makeover

Will 2022 be the year when you finally feel confident about your smile? It’s fair to say that the last couple of years haven’t been great for the majority of us and most of us have had to make sacrifices,