Author: Emma Harvey

Dealing with Sensitive Teeth

How regular dental check-ups can help prevent sensitivity There is no escaping it, at some time or another we all experience some level of sensitivity with our teeth. For some, the sensitivity being of a regular occurrence and causing a

Thinking about having dental treatment abroad?

Getting the perfect smile at a fraction of the price?? You’re thinking about having extensive, cosmetic dental treatment carried out and have already attended a few consultations to get an idea of the fees involved. And you’re shocked! Surely you

Think about your teeth this party season

Be aware of potential health risks We all like to let our hair down once in a while. Socialise with friends, have a dance and a drink but I bet you’ve never thought about the possible effects of alcohol on

Chew, Chew and Chew. Sugar free of course!

Help protect your teeth by chewing gum Chewing gum is hugely beneficial for your mouth, providing the gum you are chewing is sugar free. There are now so many types available, with so many weird and wonderful flavours but containing

How To Take Care of Your New Dentures?

Keeping Your Dentures Looking Great! Finally you have had those gaps replaced in your mouth with a fantastic, new denture. But like anything, you have to know the correct way to look after your dentures to ensure they last you

Eating Disorders and your Oral Health

Caring For Your Teeth You may notice when you visit your Dentist or Hygienist that you are questioned regarding your medical history. We have to update your records at every visit as any change regarding your health or medications taken,