Quick Straight Teeth – Faster Tooth Braces in Ipswich

Quick Straight Teeth – Faster Tooth Braces in Ipswich

The speedy solution to a straighter smile for our local patients.

Although many patients of the Foxhall Dental Practice take advantage of the popular Invisalign system to straighten their teeth, this is not the only method that we use at our Ipswich practice, and is certainly not the fastest in some cases. Whilst Invisalign is hugely beneficial for anyone who needs multiple teeth straightening, help is also on hand for those who simply wish to straighten the ‘social six’ teeth that are visible when we smile.

One of the most popular and successful cosmetic orthodontics on the market which can help you to achieve this is the ‘Quick Straight Teeth’ system. Depending on the degree of correction needed, these modern generation braces can straighten your teeth in between one and six months; often significantly shorter than Invisalign.

What is the Quick Straight Teeth System?

Quick Straight Teeth is an orthodontic system designed to reposition mild to moderate problems with the visible front teeth. It is not suitable where rear teeth need straightening too and other options, including Invisalign, may be more appropriate in these cases.

The QST system uses wires and brackets similar to those found in traditional metal braces. The key difference is that these are both finer and tooth coloured, making them more comfortable and less visible to those around you.

Can you tell me how long they will take to work?

As mentioned previously, between one and six months is usually the treatment time. This will, however, depend on each patient, and we will be able to advise a more accurate approximate time scale when you attend our Ipswich practice for a consultation.

Cosmetic dental braces such as these now make it easier to have a great looking smile in a much shorter time than traditional braces, and in a way that saves the embarrassment of a mouth full of metal wires and brackets.

Before any treatment starts, we will need to examine your teeth and it may be necessary to treat any existing problems such as gum disease or decay before we start to straighten your teeth. We will be happy to discuss any concerns or questions that you might have about this, or any other, orthodontic treatment at your initial consultation.

Once the treatment is complete, you will be left with a lovely even smile. You may also wish to consider having your teeth whitened, once your teeth have been straightened, to bring out the best in your new smile.

Please call the Foxhall Dental Practice of Ipswich today on 01473 258396 to arrange an initial consultation with one of our cosmetic team to find out how we can help you to create a great looking smile.