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Stress Awareness Month – Dental Concerns

How does stress affect our oral health and what can we do to minimise its impact? This April marks the 30 year milestone of Stress Awareness Month. This anniversary couldn’t have come at a more apt time, with more people

Are You Giving Up Sugar For Lent?

It may be a religious festival but everyone can use this occasion to take a look at their diet Sugar is responsible for a lot of health problems in the UK and indeed, other parts of the world. Not only

Beware Dental Implant ‘Special Offers’ – Are They All They Seem?

If you are tempted to travel for cheaper implants, you might want to think again…. Dental implants are becoming increasingly popular for replacing missing teeth, offering as they do, a long lasting and secure solution that both looks and feels

Festive Alcohol Consumption – Link To Oral Health

A few too many drinks at Christmas and New Year could have a negative impact on your teeth and gums…. After the restrictions imposed due to Covid last year, most of us will be hoping that we can have a

A 10 Point Plan For A Healthier Mouth

Making a few small improvements in your life can help you to maintain healthy teeth and gums Most of us probably wish that there was a simple solution to our everyday problems, including around our self image. How many of

Dental Implant Maintenance

Long term care of your tooth implant As dental implants become more widely known, an increasing number of people are choosing to have them when they have lost a tooth. One key factor for those that choose to have them

Discomfort When Eating – An Ipswich Dentist Discusses

There are a number of oral health problems that can make mealtimes less enjoyable If we have a toothache that is persistent, we might feel reasonably sure that it is caused by tooth decay and a cavity. Not all toothache

Painful Teeth Upon Waking?

What causes some people to notice that their teeth hurt more first thing in the morning? It might seem a little strange but some people find that their teeth feel uncomfortable when they wake up but then any discomfort eases

Do Covid Masks Affect Our Oral Health?

With mask wearing likely to be a feature of our lives for a little while yet, your Ipswich dentist addresses this common question We will find out later today what the new advice will be regarding the wearing of masks,

Should A Missing Tooth Be Replaced?

Why leaving a gap in your teeth isn’t a good idea and how it can be treated by our Ipswich dentists Nearly all of us will lose at least one tooth in our lifetime, whether from decay or through an