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Midlife Smile Improvement Treatments Are Increasingly Popular

How can our Ipswich dentists help you revitalise your smile? One interesting thing that has come out of the year of Covid and numerous lockdowns is that the number of enquiries about cosmetic dental treatment has risen. Whilst you might

Reasons To Smile in 2021

Brighter times are ahead of us so why not make the most of it and show off a new smile? Without a doubt, for many of us, 2020 has been a horrible year. We may have started it with renewed

Do You Have Confidence In Your Teeth?

Are your teeth unhealthy or don’t look good? Here are the solutions…. As we get older, and perhaps even more so if we haven’t always taken good care of our teeth in our earlier lives, some of us will be

What Is A Complete Smile Makeover?

Dr Hiten Pabari

Dr Hiten Pabari explains the many benefits of modern cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry is very popular nowadays because it is so much more accessible. It used to be reserved for movie stars and those with endless cash to spend; but

Are You One Of The 40%?

A recent study shows that nearly half of us are unhappy with how our teeth look A recent survey of 666 participants has indicated that around 40% of people in the UK are unhappy with their teeth, particularly their appearance.

A Single Day For A Brand New Smile!

white teeth

Not all dental treatments take a long period of time to improve your smile. One thing which may deter some patients from having treatment to improve the appearance of their teeth is the length of time some treatments take to

Men … Our Cosmetic Dental Treatments Are For You Too

new smile with veneers

Looking at the changing attitudes of men towards personal appearance. Some of our older Ipswich dental patients can probably remember the days when, for a man to get ready, all it took was a quick wash, a shave, and, maybe