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What Should You Do When You Suffer A Dental Injury?

Dr Samuel Ofori-Attah

Emergency dental appointments in Ipswich. Dental injuries can happen for a number of reasons. A simple fall, sports or road accidents can cause an injury to occur and any blow to the face can cause the soft tissues or gums

Dental Advice – Emergency Appointments in Ipswich

A patient is putting off dental treatment and asks about emergency appointments. Today’s question addresses an important point about the need for early treatment when a problem arises, and the real role of emergency appointments. Q. Hi .. I’ve had

Accidents Can, and do, Happen

Foxhall Dental Practice

Prompt treatment by an emergency dentist in Ipswich can save your teeth. Although we all take sensible precautions to prevent accidents from happening; paying attention when we cross road and driving sensibly, for example; it is a sad fact of