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Five Things To Know About Root Canal Treatment

Dr Hiten Pabari

Ipswich dentist Dr. Hiten Pabari, explains why you might need this treatment, and its benefits. ‘Root canal’; the words that most patients dread hearing. It is probably not surprising that this is considered to be a terrifying treatment by many

Endodontic Treatment Recovery

root canal work

Advice on what to expect following root canal therapy. Root canal treatment may cause anxiety in some patients when they are told that they need it and this is understandable given its historical bad press. Fortunately, this anxiety is generally

Preserving Natural Teeth With Root Therapy

root canal work

Why the root canal procedure does not deserve its negative reputation. The emphasis at the Foxhall Dental Practice of Ipswich, is that of preventative dental care and ensuring that our patients are fully equipped with the knowledge to keep their