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Restoring Ex Smokers Teeth

Stopping smoking is important for your health, but your teeth and gums may need some follow-up restorative work Stopping smoking is hard, especially if you have been a regular smoker for a number of years. There are many good reasons

The Benefits Of Whiter Teeth In Middle Age And Beyond

Teeth whitening treatments are popular with the young, but older generations can benefit from them too Most beauty products and treatments are advertised largely to younger people. This is understandable as there is more pressure on us when we are

The Benefits Of Having Your Teeth Whitened Professionally In Ipswich

Cheaper alternatives might be tempting but probably won’t achieve the whiteness you hoped for…. Who doesn’t want to have whiter teeth? Not many people it would seem, judging from the popularity of the various teeth whitening treatments that are currently

Are Your Teeth Looking Dull?

If your teeth have lost their former brightness, the Foxhall Dental Practice in Ipswich can help to renew your smile. Hopefully, most of our older patients will now have had their Covid vaccinations and are beginning to look forward to

The Faster Way To Whiter Teeth!

Our one hour teeth whitening treatment is really popular! Leave our Ipswich practice with a beautiful, brighter smile…. You may have looked at your teeth in the mirror recently and wondered what happened to that youthful sparkly smile of old?

Are You Considering A Post-Lockdown Smile Makeover?

Let our Ipswich dentists restore your smile! It has seemed like a very long time for us, and probably for you too, but the Foxhall Dental Practice is now open and seeing patients once again. There are changes of course,