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Are You Considering A Post-Lockdown Smile Makeover?

Let our Ipswich dentists restore your smile! It has seemed like a very long time for us, and probably for you too, but the Foxhall Dental Practice is now open and seeing patients once again. There are changes of course,

How Permanent Are The Results Of A Teeth Whitening Procedure?

Ipswich dentist, Chirag Kothari, offers advice to patients considering this popular treatment. There is little doubt that the teeth whitening procedure is one of our most popular cosmetic dental treatment, as it is at many other dental practices in the

Grandma, Why Are Your Teeth So White?

white smiles on older people

Attractive teeth in later life. Although the caricature of a Grandmother is probably an elderly lady sitting in front of a fire knitting a sweater or scarf, the fact is that it is quite possible to be a Grandmother in

The Easy, Safe Way To Whiter Teeth In Ipswich

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When done by a professional, your teeth can be whiter in just one hour. Teeth whitening is now quite a big business which can be seen by the number of  ‘teeth whitening’ toothpastes now available and which are growing at

Planning To Stop Smoking? Here’s How We Can Help

Our Ipswich dental team can restore your nicotine damaged teeth. It can’t have escaped your notice that Christmas is fast approaching and whilst we may not think too much about them until after Christmas is over, many of us will

One Hour Teeth Whitening In Ipswich

Putting the sparkle back into your smile in just one hour. The wish to have whiter teeth is now both attainable and very popular, as can be seen from the number of teeth whitening advertisements on TV. There are a

Natural Teeth Whitening Myths Debunked

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How ‘natural’ treatments can do more harm than good to your teeth. It is probably true that most people would like their teeth to be a shade or two lighter than they currently are. With most people in Ipswich now