Seven Facts About Children’s Dental Health

Seven Facts About Children’s Dental Health

Some simple information that can help to keep your child’s teeth in good health.

Most parents would do anything for their children. Sometimes though, we are perhaps all guilty of letting little things slip because we are tired, or under other pressures. One of these areas may well be that of our child’s care of their teeth. Whether it is simply giving in to their demands for sweets or neglecting to supervise the brushing of their teeth. We are all human, but, armed with the relevant information, looking after our children’s teeth and gums need not be hard work.

With this in mind, our Ipswich children’s dentist, offers seven pieces of information which may help you to take good care of your child’s oral health.

  1. Nearly 50% of children up to eight years old display signs of dental decay. This is far too high and should encourage us to keep an eye on this. Ensuring that your child brushes twice a day under supervision is an excellent place to start.
  2. Good oral health is cheap. Let’s be honest, you can buy a toothbrush and toothpaste for very little money. Providing that they are used, this is all that you need to use at home in the early years.
  3. Avoid sugary drinks. This should go without saying, but it is worth pointing out that many ‘healthy’ and even natural fruit drinks, contain very high amounts of sugars. Water is the most appropriate drink for children, except, perhaps, for special occasions.
  4. 80% of children attend a dentist regularly. This is great news, but, if you are one of the 20% who don’t, it would be even better if you could help to get it closer to 100%.
  5. A quarter of kids don’t brush their teeth twice a day. This means that foods and sugars will remain on their teeth for very long periods of time. It is likely that this group will have higher rates of decay and gum disease.
  6. Early dental visits help overcome fear of the dentist. We know that the dentist isn’t a nice place to visit, whether you are an adult or a child. Children though often develop fears early in life, and studies have shown that bringing your child to the dentist from around one year of age, helps them to avoid developing a dental phobia.
  7. Bad teeth make for an unhappy child. By bad teeth, we mean teeth that are suffering the effects of decay or gum disease. As we all know, even a mild toothache can make for a really unpleasant day, but children, once they get past a certain age, also develop feelings about how they look. Any child with poor teeth is certainly less likely to smile and this can contribute negatively to the development of friendships and participation in school classes.

We hope that these short snippets of information help you to understand the importance of good care for your children’s teeth and gums.

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