Are You One Of The 40%?

Are You One Of The 40%?

A recent study shows that nearly half of us are unhappy with how our teeth look

A recent survey of 666 participants has indicated that around 40% of people in the UK are unhappy with their teeth, particularly their appearance.

Of this group, around half were planning to seek treatment to correct it. There is certainly a wider acceptance now that there is no longer any need to have crooked or discoloured teeth, and that treatments are widely available that can correct problems such as these.

An interesting aside from this survey was that a smallish percentage that had previously undergone a cosmetic dental procedure were unhappy with the outcome. We know, from experience, that given the correct treatment, and a suitable candidate, there is no reason that this should be the case. There may be many reasons why the patient was unhappy with the outcome, but in some cases, we suspect that the patient may have had unrealistic expectations of the results.

Choosing the right cosmetic dentist

In theory, any dentist trained in a procedure such as teeth whitening, should be able to carry this out successfully. But at the Foxhall Dental Practice, care for our Ipswich patients starts before the procedure actually takes place.

An important part of the procedure, for both patient and dentist, takes place during the consultation. This allows us to examine the current condition of the teeth and to make recommendations based on that. We may, for example, explain to a patient whose teeth are quite badly discoloured, that a straightforward whitening procedure will improve the whiteness, but probably not to the degree that they hope. We may recommend that they consider veneers instead, to give them the result that they hope for. Should the patient decide to opt for the whitening treatment, based on our information, at least they will have done so whilst being fully informed of the likely outcome.

Our reputation as ethical cosmetic dentists depends on us being completely honest with our patients. We will never promise something that we can’t deliver and we reserve the right to refuse more invasive procedures where we feel that the outcome may be detrimental to the patient.

Restoring your smile

Whilst the teeth whitening procedure mentioned above is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments at our Ipswich practice, we also offer a wide selection of other treatments that can be used to restore your smile.

Whether you require your teeth to be straighter, or are seeking a long term solution to replace a missing tooth, you can be sure that you will be in good hands. We will always listen to your questions and concerns and will give our honest opinion of the most suitable treatment and the likely outcome should you choose to go ahead. We truly believe that a fully informed patient is a happy patient, exactly the type that we are proud to have at the Foxhall Dental Practice!

If you would like to discuss any aspect of cosmetic dentistry with us, we are happy to arrange a consultation for you. Simply call our Ipswich practice on 01473 258396.