Men … Our Cosmetic Dental Treatments Are For You Too

Men … Our Cosmetic Dental Treatments Are For You Too

Looking at the changing attitudes of men towards personal appearance.

Some of our older Ipswich dental patients can probably remember the days when, for a man to get ready, all it took was a quick wash, a shave, and, maybe .. just maybe, a quick dab of aftershave.

Times have changed though, without a doubt, and men of all ages are now far more inclined to put more time and effort into their appearance.

Whilst much cosmetic dentistry marketing effort is still put into attracting women to cosmetic procedures, more and more men now attend the Foxhall Dental Practice to improve the appearance of their smile. Perhaps much of this can be put down to the cult of celebrity and the way that they are portrayed in the media, encouraging others to follow. This is not necessarily a bad thing and any encouragement to take more care of oneself can surely only be a positive thing.


All of our cosmetic dental procedures that we perform for women are perfectly suitable for men too, and in some cases, perhaps even likely to be of more use. One example is dental veneers. Whilst anyone, whether male or female, can chip a tooth, even in these enlightened times, more men than women probably play contact sports such as football. These are the type of activities that tend to result in damage to the teeth.

Aside from any potential risk that general oral damage can bring, the cracking or chipping of a tooth can certainly bring about a change in appearance too, and not for the better. Neither men or women would, these days, accept walking around town with teeth which they are afraid to reveal when they smile, and now, with cosmetic dentistry available in Ipswich, they don’t have to.

Depending on the extent of any damage, a tooth can be restored, possibly using dental bonding to fill in minor chips, or, where a chip is too large or there is cracking, dental veneers may be the better long term solution.


Even where no damage has occurred though, an increasing number of men now visit our dental practice for our fast acting teeth whitening procedure. Yellow and discoloured teeth are just as unattractive on men as they are on women, and, increasingly, men are realising this. With the availability of this simple procedure, it is little wonder that it is one of our most popular treatments with the male population.

Whether you are male or female, why not take a look through our website at the procedures that we offer, or, alternatively, make an appointment for a consultation where we can discuss your requirements and decide on a treatment plan to get your teeth looking great again.

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