High Success Rates For Dental Implants In Ipswich

High Success Rates For Dental Implants In Ipswich

Skilled dentistry and good aftercare for strong and healthy replacement teeth.

One of the reasons that patients opt to have dental implants to replace a missing tooth is because of their high success rate. Very few implant placements fail and we take a look at possible reasons for this a little later on in our blog post.

At the Foxhall Dental Practice in Ipswich, we are have highly skilled and experienced dentists who have performed this procedure for a number of years. Our success rates are excellent and we are confident that, with regular dental care, your dental implants could last for twenty years or longer.

Implant benefits

Despite the more invasive nature of an implant procedure over other options such as dentures or a bridge; dental implants are increasing in popularity all the time. Increasingly, patients seem to consider that it is worth the short period of inconvenience in order to have a long lasting and trouble free tooth replacement. Dental implants both look and feel entirely natural once you have become accustomed to them, and, whilst modern dentures are certainly more realistic looking these days, it is not uncommon for people to find them uncomfortable, sometimes causing soreness of the gums. This is often due to their lack of stability where the dentures move around, creating friction with the gums.

Implants too offer a much stronger solution than either a bridge or dentures and there should be no problem in eating any food that you can with your natural teeth.

Implant failures

Although the success rate for dental implant placement is very high, this does not mean that they cannot fail, and occasionally they do. Almost always though, failure is due to one of these preventable, reasons below.

  1. Placement by a lesser skilled dentist abroad, often at a cheaper price. This reduced price may also be at the expense of using inferior quality implants which do not bond with the bone effectively.
  2. Smoking and drinking. You will be requested to cease both of these activities for a period of time either side of the placement. This is to ensure that your gums and bone are in good health at the time of placement, greatly increasing the chances of a successful procedure.
  3. Poor aftercare. Although artificial, implants should be brushed and flossed as you should a regular tooth. Gum disease and peri-implantitis is a real and serious threat to dental implants and good home care, combined with dental hygienist visits should help to ensure that your implants remain healthy.

At the Foxhall Dental Practice in Ipswich, we are always available to discuss the dental implant procedure with potential patients should you so wish, and we are pleased to offer free non clinical consultations for this purpose.

If you have missing teeth that you want to have replaced and are interested in dental implants, why not call our Ipswich dental practice on 01473 258396.