Are Dentures a Thing of the Past?

Are Dentures a Thing of the Past?

Do people still want this long standing option for replacing lost teeth?

At the Foxhall Dental Practice in Ipswich, many of our older patients are denture wearers. Hopefully, with more advice and better dental care now available, the next generation will not be in the same situation, although with worsening diets generally, they sadly may well be!

Our older denture wearers tend to fall into two categories; those that are reasonably happy with them, and those for whom they are uncomfortable and inconvenient.

So, is the day of the denture dead?

Modern dentures

The fact is that modern dentures are much more comfortable than older types of dentures and also look more realistic. Having said that though, they can still prove to be uncomfortable, especially as the bone starts to degrade, slightly affecting the shape of the face. We are always happy to help our Ipswich patients with dentures, but we do feel that, in this day and age, other options offer a better alternative; predominantly dental implants.

Perhaps the main reason why some people opt for dentures rather than having dental implants fitted is the invasive procedure that is needed with the latter. The idea of the implant procedures can be daunting for some but, fortunately, the bone is not highly sensitive to pain and contains relatively few nerves. The procedure is also carried out using a strong local anaesthetic so any discomfort can be kept to a minimum. So the thought of a long painful experience is not actually accurate at all.


Although we accept that there is an element of inconvenience attached to dental implants whilst they integrate with the jawbone; for many Foxhall Dental patients, this temporary inconvenience is worth it to avoid the more persistent inconvenience of dentures. The fact is that once the implants are in place and the crown has been attached, the patient is pretty much free to live their life as they would if they still had their natural teeth.

Dental implants can be cleaned in the same manner as normal teeth and put no restrictions on the foods that you can eat. Dentures on the other hand have to be soaked, and most wearers avoid the more challenging foods that they suspect their dentures won’t be able to cope with. Dental implants too, help to avoid the bone degradation and help to keep a better facial shape.


Ultimately, the choice of dentures or dental implants is up to our patients but we do encourage you to discuss with the implant team at Foxhall Dental Practice, the benefits of and to ask any questions that you may have. We feel that you may be surprised at what a difference to your life, having implants placed can make.

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