One Day Dental Implant Placement

One Day Dental Implant Placement

Replacing a full arch of missing teeth in a single day at our Ipswich dental practice.

One factor that sometimes deters patients from having dental implants placed is the length of time necessary between implant placement and the final addition of a dental crown. Unfortunately, this period of time is necessary in order to allow the bone in the jaw to bond securely with the titanium implant, in a process known as osseointegration. With a single dental implant, this wait is typical in order for the strongest and most secure dental implant is to be attained.

Full arch

When it comes to replacing a full arch of teeth though, the story can, perhaps surprisingly, be quite different. In fact, despite more teeth needing to be replaced, this process can sometimes be completed in just a single day. Those of you who wear dentures may not be surprised to hear, that at the Foxhall Dental Practice, we sometimes hear complaints from new patients about their old dentures being uncomfortable and loose. Very often, patients blame the dentures, but the reality is that this problem is usually caused by bone deterioration in the jaw which progressively makes the dentures ill fitting. This bone loss is a problem that occurs when teeth are lost as the bone slowly degrades, no longer needing to hold a tooth in place.

This can be problematic not only for denture wearers, but also for those considering dental implants. Where insufficient bone is available to place an implant into, a bone graft may be necessary prior to the implant placement. So how can implant dentists get around this?

Same day implants

The good news for patients of our Ipswich dental practice is that by having same day full arch replacement, also sometimes called ‘all on 4’, both ill fitting dentures and bone loss problems are a thing of the past. The procedure uses four dental implants which are placed into the jawbone, two near the front and two at the rear of the mouth, and then a fixed bridge of teeth attached to these.

The ‘secret’ to the success of this procedure lies in the two dental implants that are placed at the rear of the mouth. These are not standard implants but are specially designed to be placed at an angle into the jawbone; usually forty five degrees instead of ninety. This method enables these implants to be more securely held in place by the jaw bone and often there is no need to wait for three months or so for the osseointegration period before attaching the fixed bridge.

Whilst some care should be taken for a short while after fitting the bridge, you can eat and function as normal quite soon after this procedure, offering both a secure and comfortable alternative to dentures where a full arch of teeth need to be replaced.

For more information or to discuss this excellent alternative to dentures, please call the Foxhall Dental Practice on 01473 258396.