Full Arch Replacement

Full Arch Replacement

Dentures are no longer the only available option for replacing a full arch of teeth.

When we look at replacing individual teeth, there are a number of choices available. A gap could simply be left, although this does have a number of significant disadvantages which we have discussed before. Other options available include a dental bridge, a partial denture and a dental implant.

When a full arch of teeth need replacing though, the options are perhaps less clear. Whilst they could be left, very few people will do this as it dramatically affects appearance as well as making eating difficult. A conventional dental bridge is also not an option as this method requires attachment to other teeth which are simply not there.

Implants or dentures?

This leaves two main options open to Foxhall Dental Practice patients. These are dentures, the most traditional method, or dental implants. Whilst dentures are one of the most widely used, many people find them uncomfortable and inconvenient, often becoming loose just when you really don’t want them to! Dental implants, on the other hand, would be very expensive to fit individually, to say nothing of the extensive treatment period involved.

There is another option though which uses dental implants, sometimes referred to as ‘same day implants’, and this is performed usually using four dental implants placed into the jaw, onto which a fixed bridge is then attached. The key factor in this one day dental implant procedure is the use of the two specially designed rear implants which are placed into the bone at an exact angle. These implants and the angle placed, offer more stability and strength than a regular implant and allow a fixed bridge to be securely attached, often on the same day that the implants are placed.

Secure and convenient

Our local Ipswich implant dentist will place these implants using his considerable skill and experience and then attach the bridge. Unlike dentures, the bridge remains in the mouth and does not have to be taken out for cleaning. It is of course, very important to make sure that the gums are cleaned regularly in order to avoid gum disease. We will advise the best way to do this during your consultation.

It should be said, for those attached to the idea of dentures, but irritated by some of the inconvenience, that dentures can also be stabilised using a similar system and we will be pleased to discuss this option with you should you wish to consider it. If you need a full arch of teeth replacing and are considering dental implants in the Ipswich area, why not give the Foxhall Dental Practice a call on 01473 258396 and arrange an initial consultation with us.