Thinking of Going Abroad for Cosmetic Dental Treatment?

Thinking of Going Abroad for Cosmetic Dental Treatment?

If so, take a look at some thoughts about implants overseas from your local Ipswich dentist.

There has been a trend, in recent years, for people to look overseas for their cosmetic dental treatment. There are probably a number of factors that lead people to this decision, but one of the key ones is likely to be cost.

Taking a quick look at some of the advertisements for dentistry abroad and it is hard to argue that there are no savings to be made, but, these savings may well come at a cost!

Dental implants

Taking a look at some of the prices, there are actually only small savings to be made on the more minor cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening and dental veneers, and few people are likely to take the trouble to travel abroad for these. The real ‘savings’ are to be found in dental implant placement, and it is this increasingly popular tooth replacement procedure which seems to attract most people abroad for their treatment.

It is worth taking a look though, at some of the potential pitfalls of travelling abroad for this procedure.

Genuine savings?

It is worth, first of all, noting that virtually none of these special offers abroad are based in the more advanced European nations such as Germany or France, but are often in former Eastern European countries. The fact that the cost of living and wages in these places is lower may explain some of the savings but certainly do not explain why prices are so low. Where significant savings are to be made, it is highly likely that it will be in areas that are very important to the outcome of the dental implant procedure. We have seen the results of a few of these at our Foxhall Dental practice in Ipswich and are sure that other dentists around the UK have too.

There are two key areas in which savings may be made…..

The first of these lies in the skills and experience of the dentist involved. Whilst we are certain that there are many highly trained and skilful dentists in these countries, it is probably unlikely that these will be the ones offering the cheaper prices. It is more likely that the implant dentist that you will see may have taken the training but is perhaps less experienced in the procedure, and, like all trades, people tend to get better the longer they do their work.

It may well be that you are fortunate and see a dentist who may, perhaps, be about to advance his career at a well established practice, having gained experience elsewhere. Equally though, it could be that you are seen by a relatively inexperienced dentist and here the risks are potentially quite high. Should you have problems after your treatment, and many patients who have had the treatment abroad unfortunately do, then travelling back is not really something to look forward to.


The other area where cuts might be made is in the quality of the implant itself. The osseointegration process, where the bone bonds with the implant, only works fully with titanium implants. These are very expensive due to the material used, and, therefore, is an area where costs can be cut by using an implant which contains a percentage of other materials in order to reduce costs. The result of this is likely to be an implant which does not bond securely and may result in infection or even loss of the implant itself.

Spread costs

Whilst we understand people’s desires to save money, and, should you choose to go abroad for your implants we wish you all the best, our professional dental guidance is to stay in the UK where the dentists qualifications and quality of the implants can be validated to help ensure the best possible outcome.

If you would like to know more about dental implants as a lost tooth replacement, please call the Foxhall Dental Practice of Ipswich on 01473 258396 to arrange a consultation with one of our dental implant team and to discuss our payment plans that will enable you to spread the cost of your treatment.