Go Local For Dental Implants

Go Local For Dental Implants

Why ‘special offers’ abroad may not be as special as you think!

When patients lose a tooth, whether through accident or decay; most will look to replace it with an alternative. Whilst dentures and crowns still have a role to play, an increasing number of our Ipswich patients are turning to dental implants as a long lasting and secure option.

Before people became accustomed to the idea of having artificial tooth roots placed into the jawbone, many viewed this as a frightening procedure. Most now though accept that, provided they are placed by an experienced implant dentist such as our very own Dr. Hiten Pabari, the procedure is perfectly safe and no more uncomfortable than most other invasive procedures.


In fact, the biggest barrier for many people, is the cost of dental implants. There is no getting away from the fact that they are not the cheapest available option. They do however, offer excellent value for money in the long term, as, once placed and looked after, they can last for twenty years or more. On the cost issue, one of the most common questions asked is about special offers to have implants placed abroad, which many of our Foxhall Dental patients have seen advertised in the media.

Whilst we can’t comment on the skills and reliability of individual practices abroad, we feel that patients should be aware that going abroad for implants is far from a guarantee of success, and, in some cases, may prove to be a painful and unsuccessful experience.

Cheaper implants

Aside from any potential language barriers, an issue in itself for more nervous dental patients; the fact that these implants can be offered cheaper should ring alarm bells. Whilst a proportion of the reduction may be due to a lower cost of living in the country, the likelihood is that more serious issues may be behind the reduced cost. The most likely of these is the possibility that the dentist concerned may well not be trained to the same level as an implant dentist in the UK. This can result in a potentially painful procedure and a dental implant that is incorrectly positioned and likely to fail.

The material used in successful dental implants is also an expensive one, but one that is essential for their success. Titanium, one of the most expensive metals around, is the only known material that bonds successfully with bone. This is absolutely essential to the strength and longevity of dental implants; and cheaper materials, which are likely to be used in these ‘special offers’ , will not have the same bonding properties and are likely to be a very poor substitute indeed.

Whilst you are, of course, free to come to your own conclusions as to whether it is worth the risk or not, we strongly recommend that you stay local and take advantage of the skill and experience in dental implant placement at the local and convenient Foxhall Dental Practice.

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