Preserving Natural Teeth With Root Therapy

Preserving Natural Teeth With Root Therapy

Why the root canal procedure does not deserve its negative reputation.

The emphasis at the Foxhall Dental Practice of Ipswich, is that of preventative dental care and ensuring that our patients are fully equipped with the knowledge to keep their teeth and gums healthy.

However, we know that there are times when our dental expertise will still be needed to give you a helping hand.

Whilst some of our cosmetic dental procedures, such as a tooth whitening, are seen as positive by our patients, it would be fair to say that some others are not. At the top of this list, for most people, is probably the root canal procedure.

History and myths

It is generally considered that a root canal procedure is one of the most painful. However, despite its reputation, it really should be nothing to be feared.

It is highly likely that the myth of pain caused by the root canal procedure originated from a time when x-rays were not widely available. This would mean that there was no way to determine whether an abscess was present until contact was made with it during the procedure. This would, of course, be very painful indeed!

Nowadays, with the modern x-ray equipment available for use by our Ipswich dentists, this simply would not occur.

Why a root canal procedure?

To understand why dentists perform root canal procedures, it is important to understand why they are needed.

Generally speaking, they are performed when a tooth is in good condition externally but when the inner softer part has become infected.

Although, the tooth could simply be extracted and replaced, perhaps, with a dental implant or bridge; the fact is that the tooth is otherwise still intact and it is generally preferable to retain natural teeth where possible.

By opening up the tooth at the top, removing the infected soft inner part and filling the tooth, the natural tooth can be retained.

In most cases, the tooth will also be completed with the addition of a crown which will help to give it additional strength.

The ‘pain’ factor

We can’t ignore the pain factor whilst discussing a root canal, but, needless to say, the procedure is performed using a local anaesthetic which will numb the area and prevent pain from being felt. There is no reason why this procedure should cause any more discomfort than any other dental procedure.

Whilst being a feared procedure, most of our Ipswich patients tell us how pleasantly surprised they were following it, and that it was nothing like they had been dreading.

For more information, or if you have any concerns about a root canal, please call the Foxhall Dental Practice on 01473 857446.