Taking Your Teeth for Granted

Taking Your Teeth for Granted

Teeth are not necessarily for ever!

Our teeth are strange things really, if we think about it. They take up but a small part of the human body but cause major problems and discomfort when things go wrong. Because we generally don’t see them ourselves, except when we look in the mirror, it is almost easy to forget what an important part they play in our lives, and even to neglect looking after them correctly.

Much of the damage to our teeth often occurs in our younger years when most of us are generally healthy and we feel like we will, and should, live forever.

Diet and neglect

Because our bodies can cope with it more when we are younger, a diet that is high in fats and sugars can seem enough to sustain us. It is often only years later when we start to see the damage caused. Our teeth though are more likely to suffer the effects a lot quicker and dental decay in younger patients is a common sight at our Ipswich dental practice.

Through education, we hope to keep any decay to a minimum in our patients at the very least.

Later life

If we have neglected our teeth when younger, whether through diet or poor oral health care, we are likely to have suffered from dental decay. This inevitably weakens the teeth and may lead to breakages or possibly eventual tooth loss. It is as we get older that we start to realise the value of a full set of healthy well maintained teeth.

Whether it is through being forced to limit our diet because our teeth are not strong enough to bite on harder foods, or because our social life suffers because we don’t like smiling due to discoloured teeth, our early neglect of our oral health can come back to bite us.


Whilst, in an ideal world, we wouldn’t need dentists, the reality is that most people will require some dental treatment in their lifetime to restore both appearance and function of their mouth. At the Foxhall Dental Practice, we are able to offer procedures that will restore both strength, function and appearance to patients who have poor oral health.

Initially, of course, a full consultation needs to take place to assess the damage to the teeth. The next step is to ensure that they are healthy. This may mean fillings and possibly some scale and polishing, together with checking for any gum disease.

Once a mouth is healthy, we can think about restoring the appearance of the teeth through a combination of potential treatments, depending on the patient’s individual needs. This might involve the use of orthodontics for straightening, whitening procedures to improve their appearance or even dental implants to replace lost teeth.

If you have neglected your oral health when younger and are now unhappy with your teeth, please call the Foxhall Dental Practice on 01473 857446 and find out how we can help you.