Scale and Polish V’s Hygiene Appointment

Professional Teeth Cleaning

You see your dentist every 6 months for an examination and usually on this visit he carries out a scale and polish on your teeth but now he advises you need a hygiene appointment with a Dental Hygienist. Why?

What is a Scale and Polish?

A scale and polish is a quick cleaning of the teeth carried out by a dentist.  Usually using something called an Ultrasonic, the dentist will clean around the gum line on the back and front of your teeth to remove any plaque and tartar.  This treatment usually lasts a few minutes.  The treatment is finished by a quick polish of the teeth.

Who is a Dental Hygienist?

A Dental Hygienist is a professional at cleaning teeth.  They have the correct equipment and instruments to clean each tooth thoroughly.  They also have enough time to clean your mouth properly and give advice on oral hygiene and the best tools to use to keep your mouth healthy.  They can also remove staining on your teeth and polish each tooth using a prophylaxis paste leaving your mouth feeling fresh and your teeth smooth and clean.

Why do I need a Hygiene appointment?

A Dentist will only have minimal time to examine your mouth and if necessary clean your teeth.  It may be that you have a lot of plaque and tartar build up and more time is needed to remove this in which case the dentist will refer you to a Hygienist.  It is important to remove this build up properly as leaving it can cause gum disease, decay, bone loss and even tooth loss.  Most mouth conditions are completely avoidable so its better to have the treatment as advised.  After your treatment the Hygienist will recommend a recall of either 3 monthly, 4 monthly or 6 monthly appointments to see her again for treatment.

Remember, if you have a good oral hygiene routine at home and are careful with sugary foods and drinks, your recalls should be less and any treatment minimal.

Do I have to see a Hygienist?

You don’t have to do anything, nothing is obligatory but any treatment advised by a dentist should be highly considered.  A dentist will not prescribe treatment unless they really feel you need to have it.  Not all practices have a Dental Hygienist and you may have to visit another practice for treatment. You do not have to have another examination with the new practice, you can simply book straight in with the Hygienist.

Foxhall Dental Practice in Essex offers both NHS and private dentistry.  We also have Dental Hygienist’s working with us so treatment is carried out under one roof