Springtime Oral Health Tips

Springtime Oral Health Tips

With the first signs of Spring, now is the time to consider a ‘spring clean’ of your oral health habits.

Perhaps we are jumping the gun a bit, but there are early signs of spring everywhere, with snowdrops and crocuses starting to push their way through the earth. Even the sun seems to be finding a way through the gloom from time to time.

With this new season often comes a sense of renewal, of a chance to start afresh. We can apply this to the way that we look after our teeth too.

Below, the team at the Foxhall Dental Practice in Ipswich offer some suggestions as to what you can do to refresh the way that you look after your teeth and gums this season and onwards.

New toothbrush time

Toothbrushes aren’t generally expensive. Despite this, some people continue to use the same toothbrush for much longer than it is effective to. So why not use Spring to make a new start? Throw out your old toothbrush and replace it. The same applies to your electric toothbrush, or more specifically, to the head of it. Make sure too, to keep your electric toothbrush charged or replace batteries to make it more effective. This is a simple and inexpensive way of improving how you look after your teeth. If you do this at the start of Spring, you can then do the same at the start of each new season, making it an easy way to change your brush, or head, every three months.

Check mouthwash expiry dates

Especially if you are only an occasional user, have a look at the expiry date of any mouthwash that you have. Mouthwash that is past its ‘use by’ date will be less effective at fighting the bacteria that can play a role in gum disease.

Stock up on floss

Everyone is different of course, but if you are the type of person who waits until something has run out before buying more of it, you could slip into the habit of not replacing certain items that may be seen as ‘non essential’. Although used by far too few people, dental floss is essential for good gum health and you should make sure that you have sufficient stock of it. Letting it run out could mean that you simply forget to replace it. Don’t take that risk.

Get a check up

Hopefully, this won’t apply to many of our readers, but we know that, for many different reasons, some people stop seeing a dentist. This could be due to a bad experience, a missed appointment through illness or even moving into a new area. Whatever the reason though, why not use Spring to either make an appointment to have a check up, or to register at a new dentist if you are new to the Ipswich area. We are always happy to see new patients at the Foxhall Dental Practice. Starting to get your oral health checks back on track, as early as possible, can only be a good thing for your teeth and gums.

Make the most of seasonal goodness

Many of the fruits and vegetables that start to grow at this time of the year are good for your teeth, so make the best of them. These include the likes of green vegetables (full of vitamins and minerals), carrots and celery (great for cleaning your teeth when you crunch them) and strawberries and broccoli (packed with vitamin C which helps to reduce inflammation and boost the immune system).

Consider giving dull teeth a ‘Spring clean’

Apart from the health of your teeth, you may want to give some consideration to treating them to a new whiteness for the brighter, sunnier days ahead. The chances are that you will socialise more during the warmer months to come, and what better way to make the most of this than having a smile to be proud off. Naturally, it is most important to have healthy teeth, and a scale and polish, provided by our hygienist is a great way to help you achieve this, and which will also remove some surface staining from the enamel of your teeth.

For a real improvement in the whiteness of your teeth though, why not try our teeth whitening procedure; a safe and effective way of bringing out the best in your smile. Whether you have an ‘in house’ or ‘at home’ teeth whitening treatment from us, you are likely to be very pleasantly surprised at the improvements it can make.

After having written this blog, it may well of course, pour down with rain for a few weeks; but hopefully, even if this does happen, you will have found this information useful for when Spring truly arrives. If you want to give your oral health a spring clean, we are here to help you. Simply call the Foxhall Dental Clinic in Ipswich on 01473 258396.