NHS Dentist in Ipswich

NHS Dentist in Ipswich

Providing quality dental care for all the family.

Over the past few years, many dentists have left the NHS system to focus more predominantly on cosmetic dental care.

Whilst this type of dentistry is in increasing demand, the shortage of NHS dentists has led to something of a shortage in dental care in Suffolk.

At our Ipswich dental practice, we took the decision not to follow this path as we strongly believe that oral health care should be available to all and not just those who can afford it.

By ensuring that NHS dental care is available at the Foxhall Dental Practice, many patients that may otherwise have struggled, now have access to essential dental care.

NHS dental treatments

All essential dental treatments are available on the NHS.

Whether the patient requires a simple filling when they have tooth decay or need orthodontics or a dental crown, you can be assured that this will be available to you at the current NHS charges.

By providing NHS dentistry, patients are able to receive continuous and ongoing dental care, including check ups, without concern for their financial well being. This is in contrast to private dental care alone where patients may take a ‘break’ from having their oral health checked when finances are tight, perhaps during a period of unemployment.

These ‘breaks’ can create oral health problems that could otherwise have been treated quickly and effectively during their early stages.

A good case in point is where early-stage gum disease could have been treated with a simple scale and polish whereas, if left, could ultimately result in periodontitis and potential tooth loss.

Cosmetic dentistry

All this does not ignore the benefits of cosmetic dentistry though and this can certainly offer options for great looking teeth that are not available on the NHS.

These procedures include relatively straightforward ones such as the tooth whitening procedure which is designed, as the name suggests, to give you beautiful white teeth.

Other ‘cosmetic’ treatments offer other benefits on top of aesthetic ones; dental implants being a good example. Not only do implants provide you with a new tooth to replace a lost one, but one that looks and feels natural and will last for a very long time too.

If you live in the Ipswich area, or Suffolk in general, and have struggled to find an NHS dentist, please call the Foxhall Dental Practice of Ipswich on 01473 857335 and register with us today.