Dental Care For The Elderly

Dental Care For The Elderly

The later years of our lives can be much happier with healthy teeth and gums.

Whilst there are certain benefits to growing old, such as having the time to pursue our hobbies and spend time with the grandchildren, it can also be a challenging time, especially where our health is concerned.

Our oral health is no exception to this, and the wear and tear on our teeth, along with other factors, can present a real challenge to keeping our teeth and gums healthy.

At the Foxhall Dental Practice, we firmly believe that everyone, including our older Ipswich patients, should have the right to good oral health. Preventative care, and cosmetic dentistry, can be a great help in achieving this.

Dental hygiene

Regular brushing of the teeth and gums is especially important as we get older. Aside from any damage that our teeth may have suffered from wear and tear over time, gum disease is particularly prevalent in older people. Part of the reason for this is that our saliva flow tends to lessen as we become older, helping to contribute to an ideal environment for bacteria to grow in our mouths.

To help to counter the effects of this; in addition to regular brushing and flossing, we recommend that older patients make an extra effort to stay well hydrated as much as they can. We also advise to see the hygienist at our Ipswich practice more frequently perhaps, than the regular twice yearly visits. This will help to keep your mouth in good condition.


It is almost inevitable that we won’t be able to entirely avoid dental problems in our old age. Whilst some may be lucky, many of us will perhaps lose a tooth or two, or even more, and suffer from wear in general. There are many cosmetic dental procedure available at the Foxhall Dental Practice, that can restore your teeth to a strong and healthy state. Whilst procedures such as crowns to strengthen damaged teeth may be useful, it is probably dental implants which offer the most benefits where teeth have been lost.

Losing teeth can not only affect our dignity in old age, but can also create difficulties in eating. This can mean both the loss of pleasure from eating and also difficulty in obtaining sufficient nutrition if our diet is restricted. Whilst dentures can help to address this to some extent, they are much less stable than implants and also can be fiddly to keep clean.

A one time implant treatment can provide you with a new set of teeth that will enable you to not only avoid the problem of loose dentures, but also to have a set of teeth that will allow you to eat any food that you wish.

If you are in the later years of your life, or are a carer for someone who is, why not talk to our Ipswich dentists about oral health care, and let us help you or a loved one live later years in comfort?

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