Natural Teeth Whitening Myths Debunked

Natural Teeth Whitening Myths Debunked

How ‘natural’ treatments can do more harm than good to your teeth.

It is probably true that most people would like their teeth to be a shade or two lighter than they currently are.

With most people in Ipswich now having access to the internet, it is not surprising that people will go on-line to find ‘easy’ ways to achieve this.

Two of the more common methods, that also appeal to those looking for ‘natural’ solutions, are the use of salt and lemon juice to whiten the teeth. Whilst, on the surface of things, these solutions seem harmless at the very worst, in fact, they are anything but, and can cause a number of problems. Our Foxhall Dental Practice dentist takes a look at both of these methods below, along with the problems that can occur.


Salt is vital for life and without it, we would be in big trouble! This does not mean that it is good for everything though. Used to whiten teeth, it can be mildly effective. However it achieves this by being an abrasive, or, in other words, it grinds away the outer layer of the enamel. Whilst this may give the teeth a very slight lighter appearance, they will also have become compromised, with not only heightened sensitivity but an increased susceptibility to tooth decay.

Your gums may also suffer as well, as the abrasive qualities of salt lead to cut and sore gums.

Lemon Juice

Another natural solution to whitening teeth is the use of lemon juice. Again, this generally has excellent health giving properties, and, unlike salt, it has no abrasive qualities – so, what could go wrong? Well, whilst you may see a little difference in the colour of your teeth, the lemon juice is quite acidic and will erode the outer enamel. Again, sensitive teeth and tooth decay should be expected if you use this method. You may even need to have the appearance of your teeth restored using dental veneers should the outer enamel become very badly eroded through prolonged use.

If not natural, then what?

Whilst we understand why people would look for natural solutions to whiten teeth; as you can see above, this is not a good strategy, especially when there are fast acting teeth whitening procedures available at our Ipswich dental practice. Not only are these safe, and will not damage your teeth, but they are extremely effective and will produce far better results than any natural solution could hope to achieve. Much faster too!

So, instead of checking  your kitchen cupboard, why not pick up the phone and call the Foxhall Dental Practice on 01473 258396 to find out how we can help you to achieve your aim for whiter teeth.