Planning To Stop Smoking? Here’s How We Can Help

Planning To Stop Smoking? Here’s How We Can Help

Our Ipswich dental team can restore your nicotine damaged teeth.

It can’t have escaped your notice that Christmas is fast approaching and whilst we may not think too much about them until after Christmas is over, many of us will also be making New Year resolutions shortly afterwards.

Whilst some of these resolutions will inevitably revolve around getting fit and losing weight, a significant number of people will be determined to stop smoking in the New Year. There are many benefits to be gained from doing so. Not only will you have significantly more money and be healthier, but it also provides you with the opportunity to have a nicer looking smile again.

Stained teeth

Whilst all teeth will darken as we get older, due to changes in colour of the inner part of our teeth, those who smoke will almost certainly suffer from this much earlier; heavier smokers especially are likely to have very yellow teeth.

Having taken the decision to stop smoking, there are a number of cosmetic dental procedures that can help to restore the whiteness of your teeth. Not only will these improve the way that your teeth look, but will also provide you with an additional incentive not to start smoking again.

Cosmetic dentistry

Firstly, we would recommend that you visit the dental hygienist at the Foxhall Dental Practice as it is essential to get your teeth and gums to a healthy state. Smokers are one of the high risk categories for gum disease so this is an important first step.

The Scale and Polish procedure used to remove hardened bacteria (tartar) from the teeth and gum line may also improve the colour of your teeth. There is a chance that if you have only smoked for a short time or are a very light smoker, this, in itself, may be sufficient to whiten your teeth a little by removing surface staining.

For those with more than light staining, a teeth whitening procedure is likely to be the best option. This straightforward, non invasive procedure can be completed in one visit to our Ipswich practice and takes just one hour. On completion, you will find that your teeth have been whitened by up to eight shades.

Heavy smokers may have particularly badly stained teeth; ones that may only receive minor benefit from the above procedures. For those patients though, all is not lost, and the damaged and heavily stained surface enamel can be replaced by porcelain dental veneers. This is a more invasive procedure but one that should cause no real discomfort. It is an excellent procedure for those who may have thought that their discoloured teeth were beyond redemption. Veneers should last you for ten years or more with good care.

Hopefully, the opportunity to have white teeth again will encourage some of our local Ipswich dental patients to stop smoking in the New Year, if not before. Your mouth and smile will thank you for it if you do!

If you would like more information about the procedures mentioned in today’s blog, or would like an appointment to see a dentist at the Foxhall Dental Practice, please call us on 01473 258396.