Restoring Aesthetics And Function With Prosthodontics

Restoring Aesthetics And Function With Prosthodontics

Fixed or removable prosthodontic treatments at the Foxhall Dental Practice in Ipswich

Whilst many patients will go through life requiring no more than the odd filling to keep their mouth healthy and functional, not everyone is as fortunate.

Whilst some serious dental problems may be avoided with better care, for some, the loss of teeth may be a result of an accident or side effect of an illness or medication.

Some prosthodontic treatments have significant aesthetic purposes, but others are also used to restore function of the mouth, enabling patients to eat and speak more comfortably and efficiently.

Specialist prosthodontist

We are fortunate, at our Ipswich dental practice, to have the services of a specialist prosthodontist in Hiten Pabari, who, as well as being comprehensively trained in this field, has also spoken at conferences on the subject and trained other dentists.

Whilst treatment for severe cases may be quite comprehensive and time-consuming, the end result of having a fully functional mouth is, without doubt, well worth the time spent having treatment.

Prosthodontic treatments

Prosthodontics fall into two categories; fixed and removable. Fixed prosthodontics include dental crowns or implants, whilst removable prosthodontics include the likes of dentures, which are not fixed permanently into the mouth. Missing or severely damaged teeth can not only have a detrimental effect on your appearance, but can make eating and speaking difficult. This can have a significant effect on your quality of life.

Jaw problems are also more likely to occur if you have teeth missing, especially if there are several of them. This can create issues such as a clicking or grinding jaw. Problems in this area, also sometimes referred to as TMJ problems, can prove to be quite serious for some people, sometimes causing pain and persistent and severe headaches.

Even with day to day functions, such as eating, a fully functional set of teeth means that you can eat any food that you choose without wondering if your teeth will cope with it. Dental implants, especially, are an excellent tooth replacement option that ensures that you don’t have difficulties in this area.

If you have a number of teeth missing, even through neglect, we are not here to judge you, but to help to restore your mouth to a fully functional state. An examination will be necessary to determine an action plan that can be put into place. Our comprehensive range of prosthodontics, will allow us to restore your mouth to a fully functioning and more aesthetically pleasing condition. If you would like to discover what we can do for you, please call the Foxhall Dental Practice of Ipswich on 01473 258396.