Fees and Payment

NHS Dental Fees

  • Band 1 £22.70
  • Band 2 £62.10
  • Band 3 £269.30

Private Dental Treatment Fees


Private Exam £75 (Includes routine x-rays every 2 years)
OPG £45
Composite Fillings
Small White Filling From £120
Medium White Filling From £160
Large White Filling From £180
Crowns and Onlay/ Inlays
Metal Ceramic From £650
Full ceramic/ Pressed (Emax) From £650
Full Gold Crown From £650
Gold Inlay/ Onlay From £650
Porcelain Onlay From £650
Veneers From £650
Maryland From £650
Conventional (per tooth, depending on material) From £480
Teeth Whitening
Polarnight (includes 8 tubes of gel) £300
Polarnight offer for two people (includes 8 gels each) £500
Polarnight top up gels £15 Per tube
Enlighten Guaranteed whiter shade (in surgery) £550
Enlighten home kit £400
Enlighten top up gels £50 per tube
Invisalign Consultation nurse £20 refundable deposit
One Arch £2927
Two Arches £3277
Chrome Cobalt per arch £1050 - £1250
Acrylic Full Arch From £950
Acrylic Partial From £850
Nightguards From £150
Hygiene Appointments
30 Minutes £62
40 Minutes £82
60 Minute (Perio Appointments) £120
Direct Access, deposit at time of booking. CH only £120 with £20 deposit at time of booking
Facial Aesthetics
One Area £190
Two Areas £210
Three Areas £250
Implant Consultation with Specialist £20 refundable deposit
Implants with specialist at Blue Sky Start from £2747 with crown
Private Emergency
Emergency Consultation £50 (Includes radiographs)
Prescription £20
Temporary Filling From £20
Re-cementing crown £20
Re-cementing bridge £60
Denture repairs From £70
Extraction From £90 - £150
Extraction with Oral Surgeon consultation


Extraction with Oral Surgeon


Extraction with Oral Surgeon with sedation £250 per hour
Pulp extirpation From £90 - £120

Payment for private treatment will be required before scheduling your appointment.

Failing to attend your appointment for private treatment will result in a charge occurring (this will usually be part of the fee for the treatment you have paid). This will be deducted from your account and a further payment will be required to book a further appointment. 

You need to keep up regular appointments at the recommended recall that your dentist sets for you to remain on the practice list.


All Implant treatment is referred to Blue Sky Dental.

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