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Causes Of Plaque And Tartar

Don’t neglect your gums recommends Foxhall Dental hygienist, Clementine Hynes From a very young age we are encouraged by our parents and schools to take good care of our teeth and to brush them well twice a day. This is

How Important Is Good Dental Hygiene?

Do we sometimes consider our oral health to be of secondary importance? Most of us would probably agree that staying healthy is important. With better awareness, many of us can now expect to live into our old age, helped by

No Time To Brush Your Teeth In The Morning?

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A study says that around one in five people in the UK don’t brush their teeth before going to work. Are you one of the 22% of the UK population who don’t clean your teeth in the morning, and if

Springtime Oral Health Tips

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With the first signs of Spring, now is the time to consider a ‘spring clean’ of your oral health habits. Perhaps we are jumping the gun a bit, but there are early signs of spring everywhere, with snowdrops and crocuses

Taking Your Teeth for Granted

Teeth are not necessarily for ever! Our teeth are strange things really, if we think about it. They take up but a small part of the human body but cause major problems and discomfort when things go wrong. Because we

Scale and Polish V’s Hygiene Appointment

Professional Teeth Cleaning You see your dentist every 6 months for an examination and usually on this visit he carries out a scale and polish on your teeth but now he advises you need a hygiene appointment with a Dental