Moving Into Middle Age – A Checklist For Your Teeth

As we settle into maturity, it’s a good time to review our oral health care

middle aged couple smilingWhether you think middle age starts at 30, 40 or 50, it doesn’t really matter. Most of us will reach an age when we are more content in our own skin and probably realise that we are starting to slow down just a little. As we enter these years, it is often a time when we take stock of our lives and our overall health. This should include looking to see where we are with our teeth and gums and to take any necessary action to restore our smile so that we have a healthy mouth and a great looking smile as we grow older.

Thankfully the days are long gone when older people would expect either to have gaps in their teeth or wear dentures. This problem can now be rectified through various treatments that we have available. As our natural remaining teeth also become discoloured as we grow older, we are likely to want to address this problem too. The fact is that with good general oral care and some cosmetic treatments, the Foxhall Dental Practice can help you have a healthy mouth and a great looking smile as you leave your younger years behind.

First step – Dental checkup and general restoration

This is primarily aimed at those who have stopped going to the dentist regularly, perhaps only doing so when a problem arises, often accompanied by pain. However, it does sometimes happen that a patient has to cancel an appointment and fails to make a new one. This means that problems can deteriorate over a longer period of time between checkups. If this has happened to you, please call our Ipswich dental practice to make an appointment.

Seeing a dentist every six months means that good overall oral health can be maintained and any minor problems treated before they become more significant.

Second Step – Check for gum health issues

Whilst your dentist will be able to observe gum issues, we can’t recommend highly enough that you make an appointment to see our hygienist on a regular basis. They will discuss your oral health regime, helping you to improve how you look after your teeth and gums. They will also carry out a scale and polish which is a great way to minimise the risk of gum disease. This should be done every six months or so; more frequently for those at a higher risk of gum disease because of medical problems etc.

Step 3 – Restoration and replacement

Over time, your teeth may have become chipped, cracked or even broken. Even where this hasn’t compromised the enamel, which can lead to tooth decay, it can certainly spoil your smile. Our Ipswich team can provide you with tooth coloured fillings, crowns and dental veneers to restore your teeth to a good functional strength as well as improving the way that they look. For those that are missing a tooth, or number of teeth, we have a number of options available for you. These include high quality dentures, bridges or the increasingly popular dental implants. We will discuss these options with you during your appointment with us.

Step 4 – Brighten that smile!

One thing that almost certainly will have happened as you become older is that your teeth will have lost the sparkle that they had when you were younger. This is entirely natural, though can happen faster and to a greater degree in those who consume teeth staining products and especially in those who smoke. Whatever the reason though, a dull or discoloured set of teeth can make you look older than you actually are and can, for some people, mean that they avoid smiling as they are embarrassed about the colour of their teeth. There are two ways that we can brighten your teeth. Both are highly effective.

Teeth whitening – This is an ideal treatment for mild to moderate tooth discolouration. It is an affordable and non-invasive treatment that can whiten your teeth by up to eight shades. Our one hour teeth whitening treatment means that you can leave our practice, following the treatment, with a great looking new and whiter smile.

For patients whose teeth are more badly discoloured or which have been compromised with unsightly chips or cracks, we can provide dental veneers. These are used to replace the affected enamel surface and are made from a fine layer of porcelain which is attached using a special adhesive. The results of this popular treatment will last for a long time, with veneers typically lasting in the region of ten years if they are looked after correctly.

If you are approaching ‘that’ age and would like to take the opportunity to give your teeth a general and cosmetic makeover, why not contact the Foxhall Dental Practice to make your appointment today? You can call us by phoning 01473 258396 and we’ll be pleased to assist!