Invisalign – Discreet And Comfortable Teeth Straightening

Ipswich cosmetic dentist Nuggehalli Nandini discusses why this has become one of the most popular orthodontic systems

Invisalign bracesThere are a number of cosmetic dental procedures that can greatly improve your smile in a very short period of time; teeth whitening being perhaps the most well known of these.

Not all improvements can be made as rapidly though and in some cases, to do so would significantly risk the health of your teeth. One ‘longer term’ treatment is the wearing of dental braces, or orthodontics.

There may be some situations where minor corrections might be needed and there are ‘fast acting’ orthodontic systems such as Quick Straight Teeth which can straighten mildly crooked teeth in just a few weeks. For many people though, these would not be sufficient and braces may need to be worn for a longer period of time in order to achieve their aims.

If we think of dental braces, most of us probably go back to our childhood and remember the unfortunate school pupil who was mocked or even bullied because they had to wear braces. The old style braces were very visible and other than keeping your mouth closed, there was no way of hiding them. Things have changed though and even if you are told that you need to wear braces for some time, quite possibly a year or more, there are now discreet ways of doing so.


At the Foxhall Dental Practice in Ipswich, we believe in offering our patients not only the opportunity to have healthy teeth but also attractive teeth in as discreet a manner as possible. Because dental braces may have to be worn for longish periods of time, it is in our, and the patient’s interest, that these are as comfortable and discreet as they can possibly be. Enter the Invisalign system. If the only thing that you ‘know’ about dental braces is that they are uncomfortable and very visible, you are in for a pleasant surprise. Invisalign have done away altogether with the use of metal wiring and brackets that make them look so obvious and now use a different method and material entirely.

Instead of wires and brackets, the Invisalign orthodontic system uses a series of thin ‘trays’ that are produced to fit over your teeth. These are made from a transparent medical grade plastic that is strong and almost invisible when you are wearing them.

Depending on the nature of the problem you have, you will be given a number of these trays which are made from impressions that we take of your teeth, ensuring a comfortable fit. Each tray is to be worn for a short period of time and then replaced with the next tray with each working to move your teeth gradually and gently towards the desired end position. This gradual approach will move your teeth to their correct position whilst also preventing any damage to them, or the underlying bone, through exerting too much pressure.

Discreet, comfortable and convenient

The fact that you can wear these trays for a long time and they will hardly be noticeable is an obvious benefit, and probably the predominant reason that people are increasingly turning to systems like this to straighten their teeth. This isn’t the only advantage of them over traditional wore braces though. They can not only help keep your natural appearance whilst you are wearing them, but can also help you to lead a normal social life.

The discrete nature of these orthodontics means that you won’t feel embarrassed or self conscious about wearing them. There is no reason why you shouldn’t continue to meet up with friends and family and dine out as you normally would. You don’t even have to worry about what you can and can’t eat. More of that in a moment.

You might wonder how comfortable the trays are. The fact that they are made from impressions of your own teeth make them as good and comfortable a fit as is possible. You may find that they feel a little strange when you first wear them but that is only to be expected as your mouth detects a foreign object. This feeling will soon go though and you should barely notice that you are wearing them once you have become accustomed to them.

Another benefit of this system against the traditional method is that the trays used are designed to be removed by the wearer. This doesn’t mean that they can be removed when you feel like it and indeed, the more they are removed, the longer the treatment period will be. They can, though, be removed when you are eating and this allows you to eat normally without worrying whether certain foods will get stuck in your braces. Where possible, you should clean your teeth or at the very least swill your mouth well with water to help prevent food becoming trapped after you have eaten. You should also remove them when cleaning your teeth. Indeed, both teeth and trays should be kept clean at all times and you will be given instructions on this should you choose to have this treatment at our Ipswich dental clinic.

For anyone concerned that this system is not available as an NHS treatment, we understand that and have a selection of payment plans available that can help you to spread the cost over a period of time.

If you have crooked or uneven teeth and would like to find out more about this treatment, or would like to book in for an initial consultation, please call the Foxhall Dental Practice on 01473 258396.

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