Tired Of Your Ill Fitting Dentures? You Do Have Other Options….

Dentures are still popular, but people are starting to move to alternative ways of replacing lost teeth

Two dental implantsEven if you don’t wear dentures yourself, or even know of someone who does; you are most likely familiar with the problems of dentures that no longer fit securely and often move in the mouth, even falling out on rare occasions.

There are a number of reasons for this which we will look at in a minute, but we also ask the question why this is still a popular tooth replacement method when better options are now available.

The Foxhall Dental Practice team believes in helping our patients receive the best treatment possible. Not only does that mean in the way that we treat and care for you, but by providing the right information so that you can make an informed choice about the best treatment for your situation.

Why do dentures become loose?

It isn’t uncommon for patients to tell us that they were happy with their dentures initially, but over time they have become less secure than they used to be. Not only can this be embarrassing as they can move around when you speak, sometimes causing speech issues, but they can also make eating less enjoyable than it should be. It isn’t uncommon for people to select food from a menu based on how easy it is to eat, rather than if it is their first choice tastewise.

Some patients put this problem down to the quality of the dentures, but it is rarely this that causes the problem. The fact is that when you lose a tooth, or teeth, the bone which previously held the tooth root in place gradually starts to vanish as it no longer has this role to fulfil. Although the amounts are quite small, it can still result in changes to the shape of the face, and subsequently, to the way that your dentures fit as the jawbone is now a slightly different shape to what it was before.

Why then, do some people still choose dentures?

Despite the problems that some wearers have with them, dentures are still widely used for replacing missing teeth. There are two main reasons for this. FIrstly, They are an affordable option and secondly, they often require no invasive dentistry. The latter reason makes it an especially popular choice for nervous patients.

Despite this though, more and more people are now turning to dental implants instead. There are many good reasons for this as we shall see in a minute.

Why are dental implants considered by many to be better than dentures?

The fact is that dentures, and bridges for that matter, replace only one part of the missing tooth. Whilst for most people it is the most obvious part as the crown is the only part of the tooth that is visible to others, it is the unseen part, i.e. the root of the tooth, that prevents the bone loss that we have previously mentioned, which is largely responsible for movement of dentures in the mouth. Having dental implants placed resolves this problem entirely as the implant itself is, in effect, a substitute tooth root and once placed, the existing bone will bond with it and hold it securely in place. Once this has happened, a crown can then be attached to the implant to provide our Ipswich patients with a strong and very stable replacement tooth.

Not only does this treatment offer a tooth that is strong, secure and both natural looking and feeling, but it is long lasting too, with some implants that are looked after well lasting in excess of twenty years.

For some people, teeth implants have a couple of ‘disadvantages’ over dentures. Whilst these might seem to be problematic for some, the reality is often different.

“Implants are expensive” – well, it is true that as an initial cost, dental implants are more expensive than dentures. Given that they last for a long time though, they shouldn’t need to be repaired or replaced as dentures sometimes are. Over a period of twenty years, implants can work out to be quite cost effective.

“The treatment is painful” – a minor invasive treatment is necessary in order to place dental implants. There is also a short period where you may be required to eat softer foods whilst the bone and implant fuse. The latter is a little inconvenient but once that period is completed, you won’t have to worry and can eat what you want from that point on. With regards to the procedure itself; like any invasive procedure, there may be a little discomfort but with the combined skill and experience of our Ipswich implant dentists and the effectiveness of modern local anaesthetics, this should be no more uncomfortable than other treatments. Again; a little initial discomfort and inconvenience has to be weighed against many years of putting up with insecure dentures which can provide some rather awkward moments.

Whether you are becoming tired of your problematic dentures or are trying to decide which is your best option for replacing a missing tooth, we are here to help you. Why not call us today to make an appointment to see one of the team at the Foxhall Dental Practice? You can call us today on 01473 258396.