Invisalign Or Quick Straight Teeth?

Orthodontic solutions for different problems available at out Ipswich dental clinic

Invisalign bracesOne issue that we see at the Foxhall dental practice quite often is that of crooked teeth. This is quite a common problem and perhaps more so because there is often a reluctance to do anything about it as crooked teeth rarely hurt and may not appear to pose any immediate problems.

Whilst some people do acknowledge that their smile would be improved if they had their teeth straightened using orthodontics, fewer seem to recognise that crooked teeth can also lead to other problems too. The fact is that crooked teeth make it easier for food and bacteria to become trapped, often in places that are very hard to clean. This can lead to tooth decay and even gum disease. Crooked teeth often also wear quicker and may become damaged more easily.

Modern orthodontics vs old style braces

Before we look at the orthodontic options that we have available, we should point out to anyone who has crooked teeth that there is no longer the need to have highly visible ‘train track’ braces to straighten them. Whilst these are still available and do work, modern orthodontics now also offer a more discreet option, providing a solution that will straighten your teeth but which are much less visible to those around you.

As well as offering a more discrete teeth straightening solution, there are also different methods available that can be used in various situations. There are two types, in particular, that are popular options at the Foxhall Dental Practice so let us take a look at those now.


Invisalign belongs to a new generation of orthodontics that completely abandons the need for the wire and bracket approach of traditional braces. In its place are a series of transparent trays that sit directly over the teeth. These are made from a high quality medical grade plastic that is transparent, making them difficult to see when they are being worn. Each tray is made from impressions of your teeth so that they offer comfort as well as discretion. Each tray is designed so that it will move your teeth gradually towards the final desired position. Each tray is worn for a short period of time and each tray gradually continues this progression.

Invisalign trays can also be removed when you are eating and also when you clean your teeth. This offers both convenience and the ability to keep your teeth clean and healthy, something which is more difficult where wires and brackets are involved as food can become more easily trapped. Generally speaking, Invisalign orthodontics are used where a significant amount of realignment is needed and may need to be worn for a reasonable period of time. The fact that they are convenient and almost invisible though, makes this product an excellent option for straightening your teeth.

Quick Straight Teeth

Unlike Invisalign, the Quick Straight Teeth system doesn’t use trays and uses the more traditional method of wires and brackets. There is a world of difference between these and the old metal ones though. Quick Straight Teeth use very fine wiring and smaller brackets and both are made from teeth coloured materials. This renders them almost invisible to others around you. Generally speaking, this system is used for cosmetic adjustment of the teeth, where a small issue with your visible front teeth, such as minor crookedness or a slight overlap, is spoiling your smile

The length of time that you would need to wear these braces will depend on your situation and our Ipswich cosmetic dental team will be able to advise following a consultation at our clinic. As with Invisalign though, in addition to a more attractive smile, most people find that, on completion of the treatment, they feel more confident in themselves and are happier to reveal their straight teeth when they smile than they were when they had crooked teeth.

Each individual patient is different and it is essential that a thorough examination is carried out to decide which option is most appropriate for your own individual circumstances. It is also necessary to treat any other problems, such as gum disease, before your treatment starts.

If you are unhappy with your smile because you have uneven teeth, or for any other reason, we have a team of experienced cosmetic dentists at our Ipswich practice who will be happy to offer advice on the best way to have a great looking smile again. If you would like to find out what we can do to help you, please call the Foxhall Dental Practice for an appointment on 01473 258396.