Are You Considering A Post-Lockdown Smile Makeover?

Let our Ipswich dentists restore your smile!

White teeth and dental mirrorIt has seemed like a very long time for us, and probably for you too, but the Foxhall Dental Practice is now open and seeing patients once again. There are changes of course, and extra hygiene and social distancing measures are in place, and may be for some time; but we can at least start to treat patients again as the lock-down restrictions are progressively eased.

Our priority has been to see those most in need of urgent treatment to help relieve pain and restore broken or damaged teeth. As this need reduces over the next few weeks, we will also be able to start seeing patients who desire cosmetic dentistry to improve their smiles.

Side effects of lockdown

How much we needed to isolate ourselves from others during lockdown will have depended on a number of circumstances, especially whether we went to work and if we were classed as key workers. The majority of us though will have led somewhat restrictive lives for the last few months and we may have also neglected ourselves a little in some cases. Some of us will have missed the fresh air from being indoors too much along, perhaps,  with too little exercise. Add to this less than tooth friendly habits such as eating too many sugary foods, drinking alcohol and possibly even starting smoking again, and it isn’t hard to see how these last few months may have contributed to a deterioration in our overall appearance, including our smiles.

In today’s blog, we are going to take a look at just a small sample of the procedures that we offer at your convenient Ipswich dental surgery which can help to renew your appearance and give you a fresher look for what is left of the summer!

Whiter teeth

One of the things that some of us will have noticed is how the colour of our teeth has worsened over the last few months. Even with the best brushing in the world, some products will eventually cause our tooth enamel to become stained.  Foodstuffs such as soy sauce, dark chocolate and alcoholic drinks such as red wine will all contribute to this. Some of you will also be used to having teeth whitening treatments on a recurring basis in order to keep a consistent level of whiteness. Where your appointments have had to be cancelled because of the pandemic, it is almost inevitable that your teeth will be darker in colour than you would expect if you had managed to maintain your treatments.

If this description fits your own circumstances, now is the time to consider our popular teeth whitening treatment. This is a straightforward and non invasive procedure that is carried out at the practice and takes just around an hour from start to finish.

You will need to have your general oral health checked beforehand and any decay or gum disease treated first. Once you have had this done you are just an hour away from having a brighter, whiter smile. Why not arrange to have a consultation with one of our smile coordinators who will be pleased to explain the procedure and anticipated results to you in more detail?

A fresher complexion

A lack of fresh air, more alcohol, stress and perhaps less sleep may all have contributed to us having less healthy looking skin, perhaps with the addition of a few more wrinkles caused by the worry of lockdown and the presence of the virus. As we start to adapt to the ‘new normal’ and get out for more exercise, perhaps living a more healthy lifestyle than we have these last few months, our skin will benefit, but lines and wrinkles are unlikely to go away.

As with teeth whitening patients, there are some who are used to having regular wrinkle reducing treatments but have also missed out. The good news is that our facial aesthetics team will soon be available again to help reverse the signs of ageing that may have occurred. This is a safe and effective way of having healthier and younger looking skin again, and you can be sure that you are in safe hands with our team of experienced clinicians.

We are looking forward to meeting all of our existing patients again, and new ones too! We are doing all that we can to keep you safe whilst trying to offer our usual friendly service. Please do remember that things at our practice that may seem a little inconvenient are there for the safety of you and our staff. Hopefully, these measures will not need to be permanent, but whilst they are there, please help us by abiding by them.

If you would like to talk to us about a smile makeover, or for information on the availability of our facial aesthetics team, please call the Foxhall Dental Practice on 01473 258396.