Key Things To Tell Your Dentist

Key Things To Tell Your Dentist

The next time you have a check-up….

Here at your Ipswich dental practice we have a thorough list of things we check when you come in for a checkup; like symptoms of mouth cancer, signs of tooth decay and any evidence of bite problems. However, we can be aided in our efforts to help ensure your optimum oral health if you let us know certain things when you come in to see us.

The more we know, the more informed we are about your dental health needs. We can then create a detailed and unique care plan to suit your individual oral health needs. Dr Avina Gandecha from our clinical team advises 10 key things to tell your dentist next time you have a checkup:

1. If You Have Been Having Any Oral Pain

If you have been experiencing any oral pain, it is important for us to know so that we can find out the cause. Even sensitive teeth are usually sensitive for a reason. If we know you have pain in a specific area, we can investigate it for you.

2. If Your Gums Have Been Bleeding

Bleeding gums is a common sign of gum disease which can be more easily treated once it is identified in the early stages. If the disease develops it becomes much more serious and can lead to tooth loss. The sooner you tell us about this symptom the better your long term prognosis.

3. If You Are Pregnant

We need to know if you are planning on becoming pregnant so that we can do any dental work and diagnostics beforehand. If you are pregnant already we need to know so that we can understand your unique needs during this time. Any information about vitamins, medications, specific health advice from your doctor, cravings and morning sickness is information we need to know.

4. If You Want To Improve Your Smile

Perhaps you are interested in teeth straightening or veneers, perhaps you have seen smile makeover adverts and want to know if it is something that could help you? We won’t typically recommend aesthetic treatments to a patient without prompting, so if you are interested in cosmetic dentistry, let us know.

5. If You Have Suffered An Injury

Although it is important to seek advice after a dental injury, sometimes if there are no obvious symptoms you might feel there isn’t an issue. However, sometimes there is an issue beneath the surface or in a part of your mouth you might not see easily. If you let us know what happened, we can check everything over for you.

6. If Your Diet Has Changed

If you are now vegan, or you are juicing a lot we can change your treatment plan to reflect your needs, or look out for dental issues common with certain diets.

7. If You Are On New Medication Or You Have A Medical Diagnosis

If you have been diagnosed with a medical issue or you are on new medication please do let us know. Lots of different medical problems and medication unrelated to oral health can affect oral health indirectly.

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